Wow, I was very impressed by this live rendering of calligraphic type by Luca Barcellona for the Legacy of Letters italian tour, organized by Paul Shaw. Gorgeous work and amazing skills. Where do you learn to do something like that?

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  1. kleer001 Says:

    Q: “Where do you learn to do something like that?”
    A: At the drafting table for countless hours.

  2. Craig Holden Feinberg Says:

    Excellent work! I just sent FABRICA an email to see if they would be interested in Luca hosting a lecture / workshop on this work! Amazing post Chris!!!!

  3. Ludivon Says:

    Amaaaaaazing! That’s perfect.
    Does somebody know what kind of pen he is using to do this?

  4. Mr.28 Says:


    That’s all I have to say about that.

  5. Thomas Grant Says:

    Excellent work!
    Marker looks like a Copic Wide. Great markers.

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