My friend Rob A.K.A. ‘Lifterbaron‘, who used to live in Denver but now calls Minneapolis home, has updated with a new website. It’s great to see some new work in his book and I am still sorely missing him and his wonderful Mrs. here at home. Come back home Rob.

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3 Responses to “Lifterbaron: Update”

  1. Lifter Baron Says:

    Thank you very much sir! We miss you guys too!!! Bastards get me all inspired and things… Soon my friend, soon.

  2. Henry Quiara Says:

    This is so dope! btw just visited Estes Park and I can’t wait to return to CO! It would be friggin’ awesome to meet Chris Cox on our next visit! 😉

  3. Christopher Says:

    Look me up when you are here Henry. I am down to meet someone new anytime.

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