Yeah I know, it’s Linkin Park but hey the compositing in this video is awesome. I am not sure who directed or animated the video but it’s a great effect and even more kudos go to giving Linkin Park a makeover.

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  1. Gabriel Perez Says:

    I participated in the animation/design of this project. I am currently working with the company Ghost Town Media (www.ghosttownmedia.com) on another project but this was our last project. A total of 5 of us did all the effects you see.


  2. Christopher Cox Says:

    Wow. Really great work Gabriel. Thanks so much for leaving a comment to let people know who did this. It looks fantastic.

  3. William Min Says:

    Apparently it was directed by Joe Hahn, the Linkin Park DJ

  4. will Says:

    i am not a fan of their music, but i am a fan of the fact that “Mr. Hahn” has created every single one of their videos.

  5. rodrigo Says:

    you can check the site of joe hahn here: http://www.joehahn.com/

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