I leave the country for 4 days and when I come back there is a journalist on Fox joking about ‘knocking’ off Obama? I think a new low has been reached on Fox news. I can’t believe someone would say something like that on national television, not just about Obama, but about any presidential candidate. Is she completely out of her mind? It’s pathetic and just downright unprofessional. What a disgrace.

She couldn’t even apologize sincerely. Someone call security and escort this woman to the door. Call her a cab home and hand her a newspaper so she can start combing the classifieds for a new job because a slip like that should cost her the one she already has.

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  1. Allen Says:

    The great thing about FOX news is that it’s TV and you don’t have to watch it if you don’t agree with it.. Or you can post it on youtube so a million people who probably would never have been exposed to it can watch and push rating higher.

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