The results of Mike Giant’s recent show at White Walls SF can currently be seen at the White Walls website. I was absolutely blown away, especially when you consider that all of the work is sharpie, pen and ink. I have been working with vector art for more than a decade now and to see someone bang out something that looks like a vector by hand is pretty amazing. The type work is phenomenal as well. Again just unreal that it is done by hand. The fact that Giant signs his work with a thumb print makes the pieces even more indescribably awesome.

A lot of the work is still available for purchase as well and if you are a collector you can’t miss. If you can afford an expensive art purchase in this economy please help support this artist because his work is top notch.

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  1. Ashley McFarland Says:

    Sick illustrations. As I scrolled through I thought “Wow, slick vectors!” but then I saw your comments about the pieces being done by hand.

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