Designer/typographer Andy Chung on his latest typeface:

“I took Neighbourhood as a challenge to create something that had the graphic expression of a display face while still maintaining some of the functionality of a text face. In the end I created something that I feel has the best of both worlds; an ultra simple sans serif text face with a large set of alternates which when combined with the regular characters create a new graphic display look. Neighbourhood is being released under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa Licence which allows others to remix and tweak all working files. As of right now Neighbourhood is limited to only a Regular weight, however the project is up for expansion through creative collaboration to whoever is interested in taking part. This collaborative process has already began as the spacing of the font was graciously taken care of by Igino Marini who runs Ikern.”

Download this really exceptional typeface here.

I saw his earlier in the week but rediscovered it (and remembered I should mention it) after a visit to my alma matter DIK.

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