I have been on a quest lately looking for new ideas for my WordPress theme. I am starting on redesigning the site next week and then relaunching sometime early in the year. I will soon be running on Mediatemple as well so I am excited about that. In my quest to find decent WordPress blogs I ran across a theme called Neutica that uses everyone’s favorite font Die Neue Haas Grotesk (Helvetica) to yield some really fetching results. The theme was created by  Allan Cole and is available for free. You could do a lot worse for an off the shelf theme if you are thinking of starting your own blog.

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  3. the illest Says:

    hey more recommendations like this would be great on this site don’t you think?.. wp themes, plugins, fonts, textures, apps ++ but ofc only good stuff and not too much of it either..

  4. WILL Says:

    the illiest: a lot of this kind of stuff can be found on smashingmagazine.com … in fact, that’s the only thing smashingmagazine posts.

    chris: one suggestion for your redesign would be a larger distinction between the blog and your portfolio? i feel like the blog is easy to navigate, your work not so much. but the work is really good! so i wish it was easier to peruse.

  5. Christopher Says:

    The new website will have only 3 main sections under which everything will be easier to find.

    The Blog. The Portfolio. The Store.

    That will be it. Then each section will be designed to maximize the user’s ability to quickly acccess all of the appropriate content.

  6. Wordpress Themes Says:

    I love this one. Did you add it to STCFX ? I think they are allowing free theme submission.

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