So a local artist and designer, Josh Holland, was kind enough to bring this to my attention yesterday and I can’t say I was all that happy about it.

Apparently an Illustrator thought it was O.K. to steal one of the posters from my Obama download section and sell it back to Newsweek for the above article. I would never have known about this had it not been for Josh contacting me. So far, I have been unable to get my hands on a copy of this particular issue of Newsweek since this is the prior issue (marked October 20th) to this weeks November 2nd issue.

Yes, the posters are available for free download on the site, but there is clear copy before every download declaring that downloading the images and files does not pass on copyright ownership or distribution for point of sale rights. I can’t believe an illustrator would have the gall to just steal something like that and use it without even annotating where they got the image from. Furthermore, I can’t believe a publication like Newsweek would not even check to see where the image had come from. If you would like to send an email to Newsweek letting them know it’s not alright to use other artist’s and designer’s work without permission you can do so at this email address or just click on the image above this post.

I am trying to contact Newsweek now to let them know I am not o.k. with them using my imagery without permission. I’ll let you all know how it turns out. Yes, I created the posters because I wanted people to have free access to signage and I do realize that I am of course using Obama’s image for this. That goes with the territory, all I am asking from Newsweek is a proper credit.

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  1. Roshan Says:

    Bummer–was this done under a Creative Commons license?

  2. Christopher Says:

    Nope. There is nothing about creative commons on the site and even if there was they should have at least credited me as the original creator of the illustration. That is the part that really got to me. The fact that someone else was credited as the illustrator.

  3. will Says:

    F newsweek. i sent them some hate mail. no swears, i promise.

  4. Chris Says:

    Cool. Yeah, it’s just kind of a bummer. I know a lot of people are using those graphics and I can’t do a lot to stop them but there is legal on the site and Newsweek, being a national publication, should know better.

  5. NEWSWEAK | JoyEngine Says:

    […] I was attempting to catch up on some reading yesterday, making a bee line for Fareed Zakaria’s article in a recent copy of Newsweek. Opening the magazine to the obnoxious subscription card bonanza in the center, I uncovered a political illustration by Victor Juhasz that caught my eye. Upon closer inspection, I could have sworn that the defaced poster of Barack Obama was that of local designer/artist/blogger Christopher Cox. Heading straight to changethethought, I discovered that it was in fact Chris’s image. After contacting Mr. Cox, it is now apparent that his permission was never sought, nor was credit given. You can read his thoughts on the matter HERE. […]

  6. nick Says:

    sucks man. have you tried to contact victor juhasz as well? whats more lame is that he would use it without contacting you. here’s his site http://victorjuhasz.com & email vic@http://victorjuhasz.com

  7. James Says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty ef’d up man. He (Victor) should have at least asked for permission and offered compensation before using your illustration. I’d like to think that since your imagery accounts for roughly 25% of the entire illustration, you should in-turn be entitled to at least 25% of the illustration fee. That and have your name added to the credits.

    Sucks how poorly it reflects on Newsweek. Since they’re such a “quick turnaround” kind of publication, I’lll bet there isn’t a whole lot of time to do background checks on the illustrations they use, which is unfortunate. They probably trust that their illustrators will work in an ethical manner to avoid situations such as this. Regardless, since they’re the publisher, they’ve gotta play the role of “damage control.”

    But hey, look on the bright side. A lot of times when this sort of thing happens, the company in violation will solicit the original artist for future projects. That’s what happened to John Contino when YASLY ripped off his script lettering for a Johnny Cupcakes shirt. Now Contino is doing shirts for Cupcakes.

  8. nicklePOP Says:

    I was actually going to congratulate you when I seen this. But then I see that you weren’t credited and don’t seem so happy about the whole deal. I understand you want credit where credit is due, but I for one would love to have my work published in a well know periodical at such a historic time. I mean, this illustrator chose your poster, when there are a gazillion other Obama posters to chose from. Kinda one of those bitter-sweet deals.

  9. Eli Horn Says:

    I sent them and Victor as civilized a reprimand as I could urging them to compensate you in some way. It’s true, it’s definitely a ‘WTF?!’ especially from such an established illustrator (I can’t imagine how he came to the conclusion that that was ok). But in the end, if you spin it right it could be a good publicity source . . . get some kind of feature in their next issue, or at least create enough ruckus to get a feature somewhere. 😉 good luck! I like that there is a community of people who’ve got each others backs . . .

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