That’s it damn it. This is getting personal. We’ve gotta do something about dependency on foreign oil. This country was born to rock. No more of this.

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5 Responses to “Oil Killed Rock”

  1. El petroleo se ha cargado al rock « Pasa la vida Says:

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  2. Nels Nelson Says:

    I have two problems with this: Rolling Stone is quite retrospective, the rock hits of today cannot be judged yet. Also, rock as it was in 1971 is way dead, music made in no-oil time will sound different, but not necessarily worse. Nels Nelson’s electro hits have a positive correlation to sinking US oil production.
    Regardless, what a funny chart!

  3. Evan Payne Says:

    Why is it that we continue to call it dependence on “Foreign” oil, when all the graphs show that we have nothing to replace it with from Home anyway. Why not call it dependence on Oil, period…
    And anyway, Rock and roll does require a certain amount of grease in its performers, and kids nowadays are full of plastic.

  4. Jimmy Jakens Says:

    This is why we must get to drilling up in Alaska and offshore, then rock may back to its former glory..
    Choose one, foreign oil or offshore drilling. and start building nuclear powerplants because all those electrics cars that are coming, will need that power.

  5. Jimmy Jakens Says:

    this data is a joke but it is funny,
    *I left off Alaska from the data set mostly to make the graphs line up better, but also because the “fixed supply” concepts holds better if you look solely at the lower 48 states and not the one with all the oil and all the hockey moms.

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