Filming began last month in Shreveport Louisiana on a new film by Oliver Stone simply titled ‘W’ (dub-yah). The movie will chronicle the formative years of George Bush along with the highlights of his administration. As I am sure you can imagine the movie is already causing a stir by people on both sides of the aisle in American political circles. Apparently Stone has had troubles casting the role of Dick Cheney and is denying allegations that Robert Duvall turned down the role. The script has undergone several drafts as well and is still being worked on even as filming has already gotten underway. The movie is set for a fall release which will of course be at the very height of next year’s presidential election. Stone has plans to possibly begin running ads for the movie alongside McCain’s presidential commercials later this summer. Already a lot of people are arguing as to whether Stone will be a help to the election process or a sore. There is talk that the movie could be ready as early as October but a November release sounds more likely at this point.

Stone’s movies rarely fair well at the box office and the movie is apparently being privately backed and their is talk that Lionsgate will handle the U.S. domestic release.

You can have a look at the cast below:
James Cromwell as George Herbert Walker Bush
Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush
Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush
Josh Brolin as George W Bush

You can read more about the production and the some bits of the script at Entertainment Weekly.

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3 Responses to “Oliver Stone – W”

  1. allen boe Says:

    I wonder if Stone will include information about Bush’s and Cheney’s Council on Foreign Relation memberships. An alliance that Cheney hid from the people of Wyoming until after he became VP. And the fact that every single candidate still in the running for President is a CFR member including Obama. Probably not.

  2. Luke Says:

    This has me worried. It reminds me of the timely release of Fahrenheit 9/11 during the last election, and how it backfired due to people thinking it was just slanderous coercion to vote for the Democrats. I hope the release date gets knocked back to December so it can be a holiday blockbuster, rather than it being another extremely risky attempt to make Republicans look bad just before the election.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Yeah that is kind of exactly how I felt about it. I mean obviously, I am voting democrat this time around even though I don’t believe in a two party system but yeah this could backfire.

    We will just have to wait and see.

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