NY based design consultancy Original Champions of Design has rebranded the Girls Scouts of USA. It was a subtle rebrand but the rollout of the system included the creation and implementation of some well executed patterns. I think it was an intelligent approach to such a daunting project that involved such an iconic brand.

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  1. Chase Courington Says:

    GSUSA also got a new custom typeface that is designed and licensed just for their use. Switching from a humanistic sans serif (gill sans, myriad pro) depending on the council. Their custom typeface (name unknown) is more rational and resembles Gotham. The new logo incorporates all lowercase, Herbert Bayer and Jan Tsichold would be happy. Their green was also updated to a more bold hue of green. How do I know this? My fiancé works for GS and has been very excited about the rebrand.

  2. Chase Courington Says:

    *whoops typeface is “Omnes”, looks good. Thanks for posting Chris!

  3. Christopher Says:

    Thanks so much for the added information. It helps shed more light on the story behind the rebrand. GSUSA did an amazing job on this project and the end result is a stunning example of design.

  4. chase courington Says:

    and i’m also wrong…Omnes is available, http://www.dardenstudio.com/typefaces/omnes_pro. guess that’s what I get for taking her word for it and not doing my own homework. trust in your better half?

  5. chase courington Says:

    should probably put this all in one post, but the visual re-brand is a small part of the organization as a whole re-vamping programs for girls to be more “hip”, modern and “cool”…i think camping is cool, but they’re starting to do lots with non-traditional GSUSA things like technology, community outreach and social entrepreneurship

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