alfieri_2.jpgI have written of the exploits of young Argentinian designer Pablo Alfieri before but I happened upon his Behance portfolio this morning and was really impressed with some of the newer work I saw. He is just good at what he does.

A little more about him below:
“Pablo Alfieri is a graphic designer and illustrator born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2002 he started the career of Graphic design in U.B.A. (University of Buenos Aires) when discovered his passion for design, illustration and typography. Since 2007 he has been working in RDYA Design Group, and in January of 2008 he created “Playful”, a showcase of his personal works, a free space where he plays and has fun with colors, typography and geometry shapes, the bases of his creative work.”

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3 Responses to “Pablo Alfieri Behance”

  1. Simon Says:

    wow this is only the 12th monochrome triangle I’ve seen floating in space this week.

    come on people be a bit more original

  2. Christopher Says:

    True. It’s definitely a trend, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I kind of like some of it. There has been a lot of it lately, but I think it’s just because design culture is becoming a little saturated. I guess we have the internet along with sites like mine to thank for that.

    Trends just circulate now so much faster than they did before that the shelf life is shorter now than it used to be.

  3. Christopher Says:

    I just wanted to leave one more comment after checking the stats for the day. I think its a little ironic that we as designers assume that because we have seen so much of this kind of work, it is getting a little tired but this post is hands down the most popular post on the site today and I think that is because a lot of people outside of the design culture circle still love this kind of work. It’s bright, it’s cool looking, it’s colorful and it’s fun. People still dig that even if we have already had enough of it.

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