I am personally starting to tire a little of the hipster collage trend but I had to reconsider that notion yet again after being notified about the work of artist Patrick Tvillum. He has some pieces in his portfolio that definitely rekindled my interest.

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17 Responses to “Patrick Tvillum”

  1. babycakes Says:

    it’s only a hipster collage if it was made by a hipster.

  2. Christopher Says:

    Indeed. Good point. Well taken.

  3. leonardo Says:


  4. leonardo Says:

    you must not copy the other “real” artist, your infant!
    you must be yourself and have your own style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do not copy!!!!!!!!

  5. stink head Says:

    Never seen anything worse! His so called “work” stinks too much! he make it very easy to copy others, you stink head!!!

  6. Christopher Says:

    Wow, good lord people. Cool out. Who is he copying? Add a link or something to make a comparison.

  7. babycakes Says:

    I don’t know if I can assume he’s a hipster from this photo. He just kind of looks like a d-bag. The girl with the fake tan and blond hair just kind of confuses me. His collages are pretty trippy though, so I enjoy it, anyway.

  8. Mr. love Says:

    Douche usually refers to vaginal irrigation, the rinsing of the vagina

  9. stink head Says:

    This shit has been seen before! Female oppression, provocative collages, etc. etc.
    Locate however something new, something positive for our planet !!!!!
    You are all doing the same shit you can just call yourself a artist, but you really are not.
    Strange, how Nole Staplers people do anything to become famous. Get a life, however, and accept

  10. leonardo Says:

    Fully agree with stink head, he copies not exactly, because so dumb he is not, well, he copies some things and ideas from others. Because the same shit can all do and wupti we are all artists hahah I think you should really open your eyes and not let any child fool you! Open your eyes!

  11. Morten Says:

    The man is not a douche, because I know him :) that’s settled then. You can’t draw conclusions from such a photo.

  12. Ben Says:

    Yes, because you know him you support him, therefore. Dane is so soggy to support each other in precisely because of the Dane, but in reality, not to major in something. I know you! You just try to be something and copy the American, in everything we do, you do not have your own style man. Stupid stink heads. Get your own style !!!!!!!
    Do not think that you can fool others!

  13. Kevin Says:

    ;D Thats so right Ben!! Then they can learn it, little people! ;D

  14. Mr. love Says:

    Maybe he is just taking the piss on you guys

  15. Joe Says:

    Maybe some of you should take a look on his site at cargo again, I don’t think that there is anything american over it. Anyway happy newyear

  16. David Says:

    Yah happy new year and let’s just hope that the Danes learn to be themselves in 2010!
    You guys do not understand how a Dane copies, they copies anything but art. just look at TV3, which has the all the U.S. programs which they have copied.
    Cheers ;D

  17. Chris Says:

    Yes, they really can not help but copy. I do not know why they just like to be us “Americans”.
    Hapy new year: D

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