Writer John Pavlus has asked a question that has sparked a healthy debate amongst the design community over the creation of postera to spark aid for disasters and has used James White’s (Signlenoise) recent poster which raised $7,000 for charity as the crux for his argument. It’s caused quite a stir if you scroll down the read the comments, and to be honest we have struggled so far with what the right reaction to our concern over Japanese crisis should be as a studio. We thought about creating a poster but immediately felt mixed emotions about doing so for the very reasons Pavlus raises but we also see the positive in creating something that inspires people to give who otherwise would not. It’s an interesting debate. What do you think?

We decided probably the best thing we could do was just post a link to donate to charity which you will now see to the right of the blog until we think it’s the right time to take it down.

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4 Responses to “Poster Aid Controversy”

  1. Mr.28 Says:

    I decided to weigh in on that argument, even though I’m a little late, because I feel quite strongly about it. I’m not entirely sure if my opinion will be controversial though. As it happens I strongly support this sort of thing but my reasons are a bit long winded so I won’t go into them again here. Suffice to say I would have been happy to see a CTT poster.

  2. Christopher Says:

    We actually might still be creating one that will exhibit here in Denver at a local show. The remaining posters will be sent to our store and all the proceeds will go directly to charity (that is if we do end up printing posters). But seriously, if you do have money to give and I know so few of us do right now with the economic state of the U.S., please click on the button and just pick a charity to give directly too. It’s the easiest way to immediately contribute.

  3. Mr.28 Says:

    Good man, well said. Times are hard here in the UK too, as I imagine they are everywhere, but I find it incredibly uplifting to see people rising above it to help in whatever way they can.

  4. Christopher Says:

    Thanks for always speaking your mind and not being afraid to leave a comment on here man, I appreciate it.

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