So apparently these Aussie boys are barely out of middle school and into highschool but they rock like they were born in leather pants. There is no weak link here, from vocals, guitar, bass to drums they have got it on lock down. Sign these kids. Money and fame are guaranteed. The video above is of them performing at the Hinton County Fair.

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  1. ian Crawford Says:

    hey this is great!!!! I manage these boys and am very proud of what they do….and what they’ve done so far. I happen to have 2 boys in the band-Ben-the drummer- and Zac-lead guitarist and lead singer- both my boys write the songs-one the music and the other the lyrics. They both do the arrangements. This video has been getting heaps of hits-thanks heaps-its really hard to get lots of hits in Australia-we
    are such a small country compared to the US
    my boys are taking their music to the WORLD

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