Rétrofuturs (Hulk4598) is the work of graphic designer and illustrator Stéphane Massa-Bidal. She recently completed a Penguin-book-cover-inspired series of posters centered around the theme of web services. They are available to purchase and are seriously worth checking out. They made my ‘design’ day. Sorry that sounds so nerdy but it’s true. The subhead inside joke on the FFFFound cover with the word ‘register’ crossed out is pretty hilarious.

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4 Responses to “Retrofuturs”

  1. Stephane (hulk4598) Says:

    Thanks ! a great pleasure, I was laughing to myself when I made ffffound!

  2. Christophe / DA Says:

    “hulk 4598” is neither graphic nor illustrator … is an opportunist with no talent, it must be stated.
    Ask him diplomas or something like …
    He just copies other “real” artists, I am badly surprised by the interest in it in the web. (fubiz, ffffound…)
    I am sorry to say that but it’s just the truth… and the truth is important in the world for inspiration and copyright.

  3. Dan Mountford Says:

    What Christophe / DA says is all true he is a plagiarist, here is proof:

    his recent series on his flickr is also a clear rip off of Mark Weavers works.
    I’ve asked him he says he doesnt care.

  4. Dan Mountford Says:

    also he has the nerve to make himself a fan page on flickr aswell talk about how he comes up with his ideas which can be seen on his flickr profile bio.
    He also in my opinion doesnt really have a good sense of aesthetics.

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