Roland Tiangco’s dirt poster is blazing a trail across the creative blogosphere and for good reason. Simply put, it’s a brilliant piece of print work that can be appreciated by both design and conceptual advertising minds alike. Kudos Mr. Tiangco.

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  1. allen Says:

    I would be so pissed if someone sent me that poster and I wasn’t “in” on the concept. Still a great concept though.

  2. Brett Says:

    Hey this is just a general question, I am using a wordpress blog template, fridaynite.com.au. I see that your URL’s are the name of the post not the generic one that wordpress creates. How did you change this? I tried to change my permalinks but with no luck.
    Thanks if you can help

  3. Jack V Says:

    It’s like a real life video game puzzle. It should say:
    “The key is hidden behind the statue of Shakespeare’s head.”

  4. pixelshots Says:

    hi, was here..really like the way you maintaining the site and the style of your photography.. keep up..


  5. brybo Says:

    you’ve never had to readjust your bike chain, or perform CPR on your sister after she was run over by a truck. Shit is dirty.,

  6. brybo Says:

    the future is full of folly.

  7. brybo Says:

    every day, everyone of us is a willing accomplice to a murky future, of which none of us is deserving , nor spared its terrible wrath.

  8. robb Says:

    brilliant !!
    and the message is quite true, too.

  9. seej Says:

    i know im replying to an off page topic question but brett , google .htaccess, wordpress and url
    all in one go and you might get what you need. anyway nice work on the poster. . .

  10. Tom Says:

    Where do I get one of these?

  11. Bellabie Says:

    That’s stunning.
    Thank you for that!

  12. jit chowdhury Says:

    i love’d it , the concept and the process surprised me the first time but hats off to the designer.
    will like to see more of these kind of concepts…………..c ya

  13. FoluB Says:

    Anyone know where we can buy/order these from? Absolutely loving the concept.

  14. Lauren Says:

    that’s awesome & it has officially made my evening. thanks.

  15. ebru Says:

    so nice!

  16. Jamie Cruz Says:

    Hey thats awesome and its kinda MAD – ‘M’ade ‘A’ ‘D’ifference.. U great…:-)

  17. David Says:

    An excellent point… but… you have to assume a good portion of the future also belongs, at least in some way, to the people that make hand soap and purell… or at least one would hope… if not… then perhaps the future belongs to those willing to just get and stay dirty… period.I mean… there are two sides to every coin…

  18. Jonathan Betancur Says:

    Excelent man!, love it!, great concept and execution. Congrats.

  19. Burb Says:


  20. elnaz Says:


  21. nazra Says:

    nice ^__^

    *drop by from stumble!

  22. kenzi Says:

    i love it! that is a genius idea! it’s so true, not many people are willing to get their hands dirty anymore. they just wanted to let everyone else do the grunt work and sit back and enjoy the outcome. thank you for thinking outside the box, and giving some of us the feeling of being apart of the artwork even if we are not the creator. i hope to see more of your brilliant work in the future.

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  24. Travis Says:

    I came across this on stumbleupon… very cool.

    Kudos on the artwork

  25. marissa Says:

    i really like the message. so true

  26. marissa Says:

    i also stumbled upon this

  27. jit chowdhury Says:

    i loved it, but hav a question ………..i would like to know what is that liquid and is that normal paper?
    reply please
    and good job

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  30. Christopher Scott Says:

    Great design and Typography

  31. Chris R Says:

    What belongs to those of us who are willing to get our tongues dirty?

  32. Roberto Sylianteng Says:

    Interests that are very atypical. Reflective of “free-thinking”.

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  34. JustJace Says:

    great idea, but why would you photoshop in the text when the message is clearly about getting your hands dirty?

  35. R Knee Says:

    Where can i get it?

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  37. kørekort Says:

    I dont get it ?

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