An artist known only as Rrrrrrrroll will leave you spinning with some gif art that works hard to put the art in the gif genre. And yes that was intended as a pun. I guess you could think of the work as ‘animated photography’.

If you know or find any more information about the artist please drop a line or two in the comment section.

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5 Responses to “Rrrrrrrroll”

  1. webpage Says:

    Eսhhh êtes vous certain de cee que vous avancez ?

  2. marie-couche-toi-là sexy Says:

    Je vois direct que vous connaissez très bien ce que
    vous dites

  3. Cravenfireworks23.wordpress.com Says:

    C’est du plaisir de parcourir votre site

  4. Loran Says:

    C dommage C commentaires alors que l’oeuvre est belle, non?

  5. Loran Says:

    ou bien the CMS is bugging us….

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