Alright, I really have no idea who this guy is. If you scroll to the end of his illustrations there is a picture that I can only assume is a portrait of the artist. His work consists of simple stylized vector illustrations that I personally find very interesting because they meld vibrant color and trendy design with a human element that results in something that resonates. He is also a Brazilian and being married to one, I have an admitted weak spot for all things filed under ‘Brasil’.

So who is he? I don’t know, his website is under the adress Rubenslp but his email is Falecom and you can view his work here.

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3 Responses to “Rubenslp or Falecom?”

  1. ezequiel Says:

    “falecom” is talk with in portuguese
    his name is probably Rubens. LP is the last initials maybe

  2. Daniel Gizo Says:

    He is totally Rubens LP and ezequiel is almost right. “Fale com” translates mostly to “Talk to”, then it goes like Talk to Rubens LP. He’s a great illustrator and friend.

  3. alifahasany Says:

    love his work

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