“This is an experimental film made up of over 35,000 photographs. It combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques.”

Directed by Xavier Chassaing.

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4 Responses to “Scintillation”

  1. Scintillation « Update or Die Says:

    […] acordo com Xavier Chassaing, Scintillation é um curta experimental inovador porque foi feito com mais de 35.000 fotografias. O sr. diretor […]

  2. synn Says:

    this is simply amazing I don’t even have words for how this video makes me feel.

  3. Whoa « Straight, No Chaser — Pure Unaldulterated Internet Goodness Says:

    […] Check it out over on Changethethought™ — a huge thanks for that post, boys. […]

  4. Enigma Says:

    This video is simply breathtaking. Amazing work.

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