There are some interesting digital photo-manipulation compositions in the portfolio of Season Zero.

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2 Responses to “Season Zero”

  1. Nels Nelson Says:

    The appeal of a beautiful girl surrounded by vector shit wore off about 300 images ago for me.

  2. Christopher Cox Says:

    Yeah, it’s not like this is new or original or anything. I debated posting his work or not but I still felt like some of the other stuff in his portfolio was well done and merited a post. It is still really difficult to create this kind of work.

    As far as the image of the girl goes, I just liked how the edge of the image faded into black and thought that would look attractive on the blog. That is seriously why I chose that particular image for the post. So sue me. Guilty as charged. It probably wasn’t the best image to represent his work in retrospect.

    Besides, I bet if you worked a full time job, ran a small business, had a wife in graduate school to take care of and posted over 1,400 posts to a blog within a 9 month period, you might occasionally post something that not every single person who visited your site liked. But then again maybe you wouldn’t. Who knows. I guess that is why I usually post close to 6-8 different things a day, so there is something to interest and inspire a broader spectrum of people. So if you don’t like hot girls surrounded by ‘vector shit’ you don’t have to click on them.

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