Since I last dropped in, Sebastian Onufszak has been busy updating his huge portfolio with a lot of new work that is really beginning to stretch his approach and style.

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4 Responses to “Sebastian Onufszak: Updates”

  1. BBB Says:

    you know it’s about quality not quantity. i like some of the stuff but a lot seems rather just random and not thought out much. seems like he’s just in some sort of competition how many stills he can update the site with.

  2. Wayne Says:

    Agreed. It’s hardly amazing work. It’s mostly “fillers”.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Post a link to your portfolios so we can see your work. At least Sebastian is going for it and stretching himself. Not everything is going to be perfect. It’s a journey. It looks like he is busting his ass day and night to me.

  4. BBB Says:

    Yeah like 50% is some photoshop layered generic looking crap.

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