Skizzomat is a Berlin-based illustration and design run studio by Marie Luise Emmermann. Her fashion photo cut-outs arrange body-parts into strange configurations that still uphold something elegant from the original image. You can see her work at both her studio website or at her blogspot website.

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  1. The Exquisite Skizzomat | Colossal Says:

    […] Luise Emmermann. I love this kind of derivative work. See lots more at her blog Skizzomat. (via changethought) But wait there’s more… November 2, 2010 • […]

  2. LanciaTrendVisions Says:

    I love Skizzomat! They use the Collage as a mental exercise in Graphic Design, like an ephemeral game of Photography, a stream of consciousness in Design that opens the mind, gives the liberty of playing with different materials and techniques and then is forever gone

  3. Kaffemaschine Says:

    Toller Beitrag, es fehlen lediglich ein paar Fotos! :-)

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