An interesting interview is available at the NY Times from the man, Sol Sender (Senderllc.com/) who put the famous ‘O’ in the Obama brand.

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4 Responses to “Sol Sender Interview”

  1. Bijan Says:

    Pretty cool article.

  2. J.Nagle Says:

    LOVE the site, keep up the good work. Just a heads up: Steven Heller was the interviewer. It was Sol Sender (http://senderllc.com/) who was being interviewed; his team designed the iconic “O”.

  3. Chris Says:

    Ah thank you, sometimes I post stuff so fast I screw it up. I will fix it right now.

  4. Man With A Van Leeds Says:

    Im with you on that one. I have to say I cant get enough of Lady gagas music but she is pretty crazy. Did you see she came 7th in the forbes list of world’s most powerful women. lol brilliant!

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