When considering this entire short film was created by way of stop motion animation created with stills shot from a camera hung from the ceiling pointing straight at the floor, you just have to kind of look at it in awe and be inspired.

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  1. Ed Araquel Says:

    As wonderfully inventive as this one by photographer, Eyal Landesman, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_HXUhShhmY

  2. Paulson Says:

    i would be impressed if i wasn’t already bored senseless by this style being on FFFFFound every fucking day

  3. Christopher Says:

    Try Dropular for a change. I find good stuff on there almost every day.

  4. luveiviti Says:

    I luv it. Its just so cool & inovative. Superb work & thinking.

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  6. theideasguy Says:

    what a very innovative idea and exceptional standards of precision in its presentation – Excellent Work!!

  7. Patrick Says:


  8. Ricardo Alcos Says:

    very very very coooooooooool. Or kewl, if u prefer.

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