A short film about hidden meanings. Music was done by Ivan Arnold. For more visit rokpredin.com or trunk.me.uk.

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Lucio Arese emailed this absolutely brain exploding insane experimental music video he cerated titled ‘Mimic’. The music was composed by Yu Miyashita.

“Shot into a cattle market, the film rides the verge between nonsense, random noise and organic, structured audiovisual events, enhancing the plastic clashes of a digital inserted foreground into an old and rusty environment.

Humorous, lunatic, cartoonish, nightmarish, Mimic is an attempt to reach a complete unity between music and motion picture in an epoch of violent changes.”

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“A young boy tries to reach his brother, gone for the war.”

By Geoffroy MONEYRON

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There is some red hot work being fired out of the canon at Capacity, a motion design and production studio based like so many other out of LA.

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This is the official video by Dmitry Zakharov for the track “Micron” by Max Cooper, released on Traum Schallplatten.

“Life comes into being, blooms and vanishes. And where all life is built of smaller parts that form a living whole, in this video I created fractals of human body parts that are born, bloom to form a larger, more coherent whole, then die. They’re abstracted hands, ears, and faces similar to Max’s earlier ‘positive mutation’ visuals – tying a minimalist look in with abstracted shapes. Max often works with ideas around the aesthetics of science, and I wanted to connect the scientific idea of fractals to the experience of life itself.”

– Dmitry Zakharov, animator.



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We are digging this new music video for “Wonderwall ” from the “Wonderwall” EP via BRDG.

sound : metome
video : Taiyo Yamamoto
Produced by BRDG

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Whoah man brace yourself for a potential acid flashback compliments of 2veinte.

Directed by:
Pablo Gostanian
Art Direction & Design:
Pablo Gostanian
Animation Directors: Martin Salfity & Pablo Gostanian
3d Animation: Martin Salfity, Sebastian Garcia & Juan Pablo Siaccaluga
Monster Modeling & Animation: Sebastian Garcia
Postproduction: Pablo Gostanian
Music: Lucas Totino Tedesco

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Polish designer Peter Tarka has a flair for type as image and it’s a flair that takes typography off the page and into the dimensional realm.

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I wrote about the work of Daniel Moreno a long while back and featured his animation explaining the art of hand rolling a cigarette. He has since been busy and recently released his 2012 reel. It appears he has spent some time developing his craft and it shows well.

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Some talented person named François sent this in and it’s a very impressive piece of animation work.

“Archibald, a creature to whom nothing ever happens sees his routine changed by the arrival of a mysterious circle”


-Directed and Animated by Kadavre Exquis
-More to discover on facebook:
-Sound design by John Kassab
-Voice over by Julian Smith
-Foley sounds by Adrian Medhurst

Music by Kadavre Exquis & guests
Get the Full soundtrack of 11 tracks, the poster, the full film, and other goodies here:kadavrexquis.bandcamp.com/album/childhood-of-the-circle-ost

Making Of :

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Joakim Riedinge sent in his ‘student video’ titled Swing of Change and it’s quite remarkable for a ‘student video’. I am continually amazed at how well produced some of the 3d animation work is coming from students these days. It’s starting to put those of us already in the game to shame.

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From the album Dear… itunes.apple.com/gb/preorder/dear/id501705635

Director: Joseph Mann
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Produced by: Joseph Mann, Tamsin Glasson, James Bretton
Written by: Joseph Mann
Director of Photography: Matthew Day

Puppets by: Jonny Sabbagh
Character Design: Jonny Sabbagh & Keaton Henson
Puppeteers: Jonny Sabbagh & Will Harper

Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear & Max Halstead
Gaffer: Max Halstead
Script Supervisor: Elizabeth Day
Studio: Clapham Road Studios

Set Design: Joseph Mann
Art Department: Joely Brammer, Rose Popham, Emma Denby, Daisy Roth, Emily Barret, Morgan Faverty, Lauren Brown, Aodhagan O’Riordan, Lydia CS, Frank Burgess

Editor: Simone Ghilardotti
Post Production: Simone Ghilardotti & Josh Hine
Grade: Steve Gatti at Moving Picture Company


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Jake Sargeant is an amazing motion designer and animator who has produced some kick ass works for agencies and film studios. Prepare to be inspired while picking through his portfolio. He’s the real deal.

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Ohio-based (yeah go Ohio!) Space Junk is cranking out some pretty good-lookin’ motion and animation work including the above piece for Magic The Gathering.

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Ruin is ‘an animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe’ created by aptly named OddBall Animation.

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Pulled directly from the source:
“Sasha, a young Russian artistocratic girl at the end of the 19th century, dreams of the Great North and languishes over Oloukine, her grandfather, a renowned scientist and Arctic explorer, who has not returned from his last expedition to conquer the North Pole. He transmitted his vocation to Sasha which is far from satisfying her parents as they have already arranged for their daughter to marry.

She revolts against this destiny, flees and is resolved to going to join Oloukine a longway north.”

Produced by Sacrebleu Productions.

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Nabil directed this beautiful video for Bon Iver’s recent single ‘Towers’ featuring the FX work of Andeffects.

Director: NABIL (NABIL.com)
Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
DOP: Larkin Sieple
Editor: Isaac Hagy
FX/Post: andeffects.com
Color: Brandon Chavez
Prop towers: Adam Lawrence
Production Company: NE Direction

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Powerhouse motion studio Buck relaunched last week with some spectacular new work. We spent nearly an hour last week just discussing and trying to figure out how they produced the above piece produced for Good Books. They are a huge source of inspiration to a lot of studios right now and have consistently cranked out stellar work.

…on a side note I apologize for the lack of posts lately. We are currently working on a big merger with our production studio and it’s been a little crazy lately on the ‘work’ side of things. I promise to get the ‘blog’ side back in business this week.

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