It’s rare you see simple vector illustration work done right but Jack Hughes has a handle on it and is keeping it a touch retro but the stylistic approach and the content are a pitch perfect match.

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Wow I am really digging the retro-styling of Florida based illustrator or shall I say graphic illustrator Justin Mezzell. He’s got his thing dialed and it’s ringing my number.

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Photographer Alex Prager has a unique style that harkens back to a time when the right fit, cigarette or hairstyle could make just about anyone look famous so long as the camera captured them at just the right moment in an act of authentic cool.

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Edward McGowan is an illustrator whose technique involves distressing retro-inspired vector illustrations that are often pastel-tinted. His unique brand of imagery has landed him a long list of notable primarily editorial clients.

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Russian illustrator collage artist Masha Rumyantseva has an interesting perspective primarily fueled by a bygone slightly naive era that seems slightly sad when put into the modern cynical techno-industrial societal complex.

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Eric White’s surrealist paintings reference retro culture in a way that might confuse you for a moment but then sink their teeth in and commence brain melting from there.

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Illustrator Kristian Hammerstad has an old school pulp comic style combined with a skater punk zombie aesthetic tipped off with a good dose of humor. It’s an extremely likeable combination of elements that comes together so seamlessly that you almost forget the skill and craft required to generate such fun imagery.

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I am not sure if I have ever posted the work of illustrator Matthew Lyons before but he is something special. His unique 50’s-esque brand of image-making has sparked quite a following and he recently posted a new series of images simply entitled ‘Locations’. There is some really nice things happening in the recent set between muted color palettes and strong geometric shapes that would look quite stunning on any mid-century modern wall.

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Yulia is an Israeli photographer who captures gorgeous retro-styled images of equally gorgeous women. It makes you want to wile away a romantic day at the beach and steal a kiss or two.

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