Umm, geez what to say about the website ‘De 1 Up‘ other than Brazil is totally awesome and just start clicking around for what can only be described as a brain-jarring acid flashback for what I guess is a promotion for toothpaste?

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Veteran Ad photographer Tim Tadder moves around a lot and has served a list of big-name clients. His sarcastic wit and worldly experience comes through in his bright, vivid and highly composed imagery.

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Swedish design and advertising agency Ritator has, as I am sure you can see from above, some very strange and intriguing work in their portfolio. They definitely take a unique approach to each project and it shows clear as day through the thumbnails on their homepage.

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Here is a new and amazingly slick advert for the launch of Adobe’s Production Premium CS5 Suite. The ad comes to you via Goodby, Silverstein & Partners with a large and long cast of credits that you can read through here.

Get out your wallets and dig deep. Really really deep.

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Carl Burgess has released an updated website and portfolio of his work under the name More Soon. It is sublimely strange with some real moments of genuine brilliance in his work. Pick through and be click happy because behind each thumbnail is a treasure trove of divine strangeness. Yes indeed. Very strange.

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Bucharest-based ‘brand aesthetics’ company Acme Industries has an inspired body of design work taking a different approach to each project in order to achieve the best solution and highest vision for each client.

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This sharp little video was produced by FITC, Saatchi & Saatchi Canada, Lunch, and Tool. From my experience and perspective as of late, this is dead to rights as far as the message communicated about the future of the outmoded advertising agency model. It will be interesting to watch as the next decade unfolds as to whether or not this will prove to be true.

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If you really liked Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ campaign, and I mean really liked them, AdFreak has amassed all 66 of them. All of the ads were directed by Phil Morrison of Epoch Films for TBWA Media Arts Lab. That was quite the gig to reel in.

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Minneapolis-based design studio Eight Hour Day continues to stay busy and build their client list with some big names, most recently Digg. Their clean, stylized, consistent and easy-on-the-eyes approach to design and branding makes them very appealing. It’s easy to see why they are keeping busy.

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Pogo is a boutique design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have some great work in their portfolio but I was particularly drawn to their branding campaign for MTV’s 16 and Pregnant show. At first I think I was drawn out of sheer jealousy for what would most definitely been a great campaign to have been awarded but then I was really impressed by what they created. You don’t need to speak Spanish to appreciate the faux-infomercial above.

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As a part of his MFA program, designer Alex Cornell who currently works with Scott Hansen at ISO50 took a swing at rebranding Playboy Magazine. He wanted to “strip away all of the trashiness and cheapness that has come to infect the pages of the current Playboy” and bring back the sophistication he believes the publication has lost from it’s early years. The end result was an attractive print project complete with a very nice logo mark. Alex sent me an email about the project a long time back and it was one of the many things that got lost in the shuffle between my responsibilities as an advertising AD, graphic designer for Ctt and blogger. My sincerest apologies to Alex. Excellent work.

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Barcelonian design agency Ruiz + Company have updated their website and portfolio. Choosing something from their body of work to represent them is nearly impossible. Every single project is impeccably produced and no-doubt analyzed and toiled over to the most minute detail. That is probably the reason for their long list of impressive awards that includes gold Clios, Gold from the New York Art Directors Club, Gold from the London International Advertising Awards and Silver from the Cannes International Advertising Festival. That is only a few of the awards they have won. If you are looking for some inspiration today, this will probably do the trick. Beautiful design. What are they putting in the water in Barcelona? I was just there, and I hope I brought some of whatever it is back with me.

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Barcelona-based Dracula Studio is managed by Alba Plaza and Elena Gallen. The studio is focused on developing fresh creative projects. They have some really fun and sometimes retro-inspired work in their book so far.

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This old Polaroid SX-70 promotional film was was produced by Charles and Ray Eames and it is a genuine piece of nostalgia from simpler days gone by.

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AOL has tapped some bright creative minds for it’s recent relaunch and Brooklyn-based creative agency GHAVA (short for Graphic Havoc) emailed this morning to share their leg of the campaign with us. GHAVA generated more promotional video content for the AOL relaunch as well as t-shirts and outdoor that has been displayed around NYC. You can view the rest of GHAVA’s contribution to the campaign at their website.

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Adam&Co. is a creative studio founded in 2007 by Adam Larson.

“After 10 years working for various design and advertising companies, Larson decided to start his own. In 2007 he left Arnold Worldwide, where he was a VP Creative Director, to open Adam&Co., a creative studio specializing in branding, packaging and identities.”

There is some seriously gorgeous work in the Adam&Co. portfolio.

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Ad giant Wieden And Kennedy has relaunched it’s worldwide website with a clean and minimal interface that warrants an intuitive ease of use. Applause.

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Aimizm is the portfolio of Gary Swindell who spent many years working as a Creative director for numerous agencies. He currently works privately for design agencies and private clients across the UK and Scandinavia helping deliver strategy, design and art direction.

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