Argentinian illustrator Juluio Cesar is from Alvarez (a small town near the city of Rosario) and likes zombies and skateboards and kicks some serious ass in illustrating both under the name Yaiagift.

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I am really digging the calligraphic stylings of Argentinian typographer Yani Arabena this morning. There is something urban about them but they are accessible enough to be appreciated by people whose tastes lean away from graffiti.

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Pulpo Corporate is the work of Argentinian artist and illustrator Fernando Herenu. After graduating from the University of Buenos Aires he has spent the last several years working as an artist for the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. In his after hours he has been working to develop his own style which can be seen at his personal site.

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A Little Triangle‘ is the work of Córdoba, Argentina-based photographer. I got a tip from an email about her work but can’t tell you much about her, or even her name for that matter since it appears nowhere on her Flickr page. Her name may be Illuvia (which is a beautiful name) and one thing I can tell you for sure is that she has a penchant for capturing some amazing photographs. The one above is now my desktop.

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Aitor Throup was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980. He has also lived in Spain and moved to Burnley in England in 1992. It was in Burnley that Throup developed a passion for labels such as Stone Island and C.P. Company. It was a mixture of Aitor’s interest in these products and his own passion for drawing that led him to begin a BA in Fashion Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, from where he graduated with first class honours in 2004. In 2006, he completed an MA Postgraduate Degree in Fashion Menswear at the Royal College of Art in London.

Aitor is fascinated with anatomy and his main interest is drawing. His hand drawn characters become the primary tool in the exploration of his ‘justified design philosophy’, which highlights the necessity of a reason or function behind all design features. Aitor’s design process is centered around innovative methods of design and construction, in particular a construction process which utilises his own sculptures of the human body as a system for blocking garments.”

Aitor has an amazing body of work and his process of moving from abstract sketch to reality makes him all the more intriguing.

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Buenos Aires based motion agency PepperMelon has updated with a new reel and new work for twentyten. The best part of their recent site is that they delve deep into the process involved in crafting their animations including some really nice images detailing character development from sketches through completion. It’s a nice thing to browse through and gives some insight into just how much work goes into creating a minute or less of animation.

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Buenos Aires based designer Pablo Alfieri is off and running this year with a new website chock-full of work for some huge name clients. It’s great to see him doing so well and see him move forward so quickly. It looks like 2010 is going to be a big year for him.

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Pogo is a boutique design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have some great work in their portfolio but I was particularly drawn to their branding campaign for MTV’s 16 and Pregnant show. At first I think I was drawn out of sheer jealousy for what would most definitely been a great campaign to have been awarded but then I was really impressed by what they created. You don’t need to speak Spanish to appreciate the faux-infomercial above.

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Buenos Aires-based motion graphics and 3D studio PUNGA have generated some vivid and imaginatively rendered animation sequences that move at blazing speed.

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Argentinian designer, director and what-have-you Ganz Toll has a widely varied body of work, some of which is really unusual and interesting.

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There is some nice print and poster work in the Behance portfolio of Argentinian designer Alejandra Román. The poster above is choice.

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Avant is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Buenos Aires. They have some rock solid branding and identity work in their portfolio.

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Argentinian designer/illustrator Ezequiel Eduardo Ruiz has some really interesting collage work in his Flickr-folio. Some of it reminds me a little of Eduardo Recife’s work but Ruiz is definitely fine-tuning his style as his work develops.

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Buenos Aires-based graphic designer/illustrator Leandro Castelao has some deceptively simple yet strikingly unique work in his portfolio. He has his niche dialed in tight.

Discovered via my favorite But Does It Float.

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Tomi and Cherry is comprised of artist and photographer Tomi and illustrator, graphic designer and artist Cherry. They are currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like to think of them as the Argentine fashionista version of Tom and Jerry.

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Loly Carnero from Buenos Aires, used to work at Madre (London-based Mother’s Argentina office). Since then she has started her own studio called ‘Cinco‘.

Cinco is a multidisciplinary design studio generating visual expression via film making, photography, art direction and graphic design. There is some really great imagery and design in their book already.

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Pablo Alfieri emailed this morning to let me know he has updated his portfolio with some new work. I really like what he is doing and he seems like a really great guy.

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There is some fun work in the portfolio of Bosque.

Via FFF.

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