Gui Borchert is currently a Creative Director at at Syrup New York where he has been for the past year and a half. Before landing there he worked at Mother New York for two years and also did a 4 year stint at R/GA. I remember a very very long time ago when I occasionally blogged for Design is Kinky, Gui came on board and also posted a link or two from time to time. He has come a long way since and his recent campaign for Puma got me really excited for the upcoming 2010 World Cup.

I have been shopping lately for a new Brazilian jersey and haven’t purchased one yet (my wife is Brazilian and not rooting for Brazil would mean a beheading at the hands of her and my inlaws). I get one during every World Cup but keep forgetting it is only a few weeks off. My DVR is gonna be full up here soon and I will be putting on at least 5 pounds of beer weight at a minimum.

So Gui, next time I finally get up to New York (hopefully for project work) I am buying you a Harp and we can rock our jerseys together. Joga bonito!

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Sanderson Bob Studios has kept busy and recently updated with a few new and unusual projects. The studio was founded by Bob Sanderson, a former Central Saint Martins Graduate and Designers Republic Art Director. The nice thing about the studio’s portfolio is that they have managed to keep the ‘art’ securely in place with the ‘direction’.

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Greek Art Directors Dimitris Koliadimas and Dimitris Papazoglo joined forces to launch the design studio Designers United. It has been onward and upward since with an expanding list of clients and a growing body of exceptionally realized graphic design and typography work.

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London-based graphic designer/art director Ramon Marin has some clean and cracking work in his portfolio. Really attractive work.

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Michael Freimuth is an art director, designer and illustrator based in New York City. He works at Tender in Manhattan and also serves at the Creative Director for Chicago-based Proximity Magazine and the desgign journal Matériel. His portfolio of design work is stunning.

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‘R’ is for French Art Director and Graphic Designer Romain Albertini.

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Art direction team Ahonen and Lamberg have some really nice work in their collective portfolio. The site is pretty cryptic but the click-through yields some tantalizing layouts.

Via Do It For The Fame (a fantastic blog).

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Manchester-based graphic designer/art director, Adam Rix has some really nice work spanning a broad range of mediums in his portfolio.

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Studio Blanco has been around since 2004 and has provided art direction, design, moving image, web, event direction, alongside communication consultation since they opened their doors. Consequently they have a very clean and attractive body of design work propping up their efforts.

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Asif Mian has some brilliant direction work up for inspirational viewing. It doesn’t stop there either. There is equal parts brilliance in the Art Direction and Design section of the site. Be sure to check out both. Real talent.

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French Art Director/Designer Phoks has updated with some colorful new work.

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New Zealand born NYC bound Art Director Jeffrey Docherty has some really tight work in his book. All of it is top shelf.

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Here is a little about Filip, in his own words from his website:

Filip Kleremark
Thinker, maker, doer.

I’m very passionate about my work and have a hunger for problems that need creative solving. I have an interest in digital media and the way we interact with things in our daily life. I want to create solutions for brands that engage, brands that also believe in a better future, brands that believe creativity can gain commercial success. I’d like to tell stories people want to hear and give the audience what they might need, not what they already have or have seen before. I want people to react and interact with good ideas, therefore I aim to create work that stays alive, not campaigns that are hot at the moment and forgotten about in a month. Trends show you how to follow, not lead. I want to challenge boundaries and constantly evolve myself and the industry. I’m open to new methods of working, new technology and driven by innovation.

The ad of the future is not an ad.”

He was kind enough to email me about himself and his work and I was really impressed. Thank you Filip.

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Illoz is a portfolio site for Illustrators that doubles as a very useful workspace for art directors. It’s an experiment, of sorts. The idea is to establish a new and better way for art directors to find and interact with Illustrators. The program was created by two guys with an idea, the same two odd-balls that brought Drawger to life.

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I happened upon the blog/writings/work of the famous designer Chip Kidd.

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The ever-so-talented and still-so-young Brazilian Art Director/Designer, Silencio sent a note that he has updated his portfolio with some visually arresting new work.

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Damien Poulain is a french graphic designer and art director who has lived and worked in Germany, Spain and Italy before recently settling in East London where he founded his practice in 2003. Specializing in print-based projects including books, small-run publications and record sleeves Damien Poulain also creates posters and other communication imagery for art galleries, fashion designers and music labels. Ongoing projects include t-shirts for 2K by Gingham, hand-crafted set design for magazines such as Tank, Arena Homme+ among others, as well as website design. His personal work has been well documented in Grafik, Dazed & Confused and Creative Review magazines, where he mixes digital and hand-crafted processes.”

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Tom Crabtree is a talented graphic designer with an impressive resume who now resides in San Francisco after a recent stint at Apple. His work is minimal but expertly crafted and he has worked for some amazing agencies and big clients.

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