Sixpack France was kind enough to ship me a copy of a 64 page zine featuring the work of Australian Graphic Designer and Illustrator Jonathan Zawada. The copy is sitting on my desk now as a source of inspiration. The zine is titled “Can The Drummer Give Some More” and is printed on an oversized format of 24x32cm.

I am a big fan of Zawada’s work and there are some silky smooth drawings in the zine that I really appreciated. It’s an attractive piece of work and very high quality for a zine. I highly recommend checking it out if you are at all interested in Zawada’s work. It was a nice way to get my hands on something tangible that had multiple examples of his unique artwork in a large format on heavy paper.

You can purchase the zine here for 25 Euro and check out more of Zawada’s work at his personal website.

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Australian graffiti artist Numskull has continued updating his site with more examples of his sarcastic pop culture clash artwork that mixes typography, comic and cartoon imagery we all love and fear. If you are unfamiliar with his work you can read an interview with him at Side Street Sydney that gets into his process and the psychology behind his imagery. You can also purchase posters of his Wooden Toy Publishing and Stupid Krap.

I am a big fan of his work. His use of typography is of particular interest to me but the mixing of ‘pop/comic type’ with comic book and cartoon figures is just brilliant.

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Melbourne based graphic design Aalan Van Roemburg completed a Bachelor of Multimedia Design at the Swinburne National School of Design, where he was Awarded a Scholarship for Honours Degree in Multimedia Design. He has since worked for DTDigital a OgilvyInteractive Worldwide company. After a stint freelancing he co-founded a web-delivered video conferencing system called ParkSlide. He currently runs a design studio in Melbourne called the The Graphic Order and is responsible for some cracking work.

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Australian fashion photographer Thom Kerr has updated with what I guess could be described as a different kind of website. His unique brand of humor and levity towards his chosen profession comes shining through in the setup of his new site. Kerr initially graduated with a degree in film working in production design and wardrobe before finally stepping behind the lens to find his true calling.

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Nicholas Cary graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Communication & Design degree in 2007 from Monash University, Melbourne. Since then he has interned and freelanced fro some of Australia’s most respected studios such as Round and Hofstede. He has a small but considered body of work.

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Process Journal – a quarterly design publication, which showcases the very best of Australian and International design. Edition One features: Re-public, 3 Deep Design, Unit Editions, Heydays, Norm, Hofstede, Spin, Kim Holtermand, Mainstudio, South South West, Kleber, Tim George and Cartlidge Levene. As well as design responses from Dominic Hofstede (Hofstede Design) and Matt Judge (Design Assembly). Process Journal is designed and produced in Melbourne Australia. ”

I received a note about Process Journal this morning and it looks like an exceptional no frills creative publication featuring some equally no frills exceptional talent. The effort that went into creating a clean and easy to navigate website to showcase Process Journal bodes well for the quality of the publication. The journal is also a featured project on the K.W.Doggget Fine Paper website.

It’s still nice to see small scale publishers taking on print against the internet tsunami. There is much to be said for holding, keeping and archiving a printed publication especially for use as inspiration within a studio’s library.

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Australian graphic designer and illustrator Andrew Fairclough works under the name Kindred and has updated his pop-digital portfolio with some crispy new works.

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22-year-old Brisbane based illustrator and motionographer Dave Collinson has some charming, retro-twinged and fashion-inspired work in his portfolio. He is a very young illustrator with a mature style already firmly in place.

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Melbourne-based digital illustrator and designer Justin Maller has updated his unusual portfolio once again. Justin is also the Creative Director of the Depthcore Collective and is represented by the Jacky Winter Group.

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Rock of the Eye is an attempt by two reps with a nearly identical aesthetic to bring the work of what they describe as design-celeb’ and ‘illo-stars’ to the attention of young creatives in Australia for the purpose of inspiration.

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Australian design firm SouthSouthWest has some strong identity work in their portfolio that display a meticulous attention to detail that no doubt stems from a strict focus on the outcome of the print process. Press check people.

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Felix Lobelius who is originally from Stockholm but has recently been working in Sydney for Australian design studio There just updated his site and is now on the market for freelance or fulltime placement. He has some wonderful work in his portfolio.

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Task Focused is the graphic design work of Melbourne based designer Rob Cordiner. I have posted his work before on past versions of the blog but that was a long time ago and he has since updated with several new projects.

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Re:collection is an inventory of Australian graphic design produced between 1960 and 1980 subjectively curated according to the tastes of Dominic Hofstede.

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Australian artist Ricky Swallow is able to achieve his work in both 2D and dimensionally via sculpture. That’s a rare ability and Swallow is highly capable at both. I lean more toward his sculptural work but his loose brush strokes still lend a sense of sculptural form to his subjects. Regardless of preference his talent is inarguable.

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Digital Mash is a ‘mash’ of work from Australian (now living in Japan) graphic designer Rob Morris who is heavily influence by the ‘modernist school of design’. His sites seems a little heavy-handed in tone, but he has some nice examples of typographical layout happening within his design portfolio.

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Melbourne-based illustrator Sam Octigan has some eloquent drafting skills. He has recently relaunched his website with new work and a new blog to keep his followers better updated on his progress.

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Melbourne-based artist and illustrator Michael Steele has updated since I last dropped in with a few more of his signature spheres of colliding objects. I particularly like the hand drawn examples such as the one above.

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