Barcelona based creative studio Coco Bongo attack their projects with a rabid and infectious passion. This attitude has allowed them to work with some great clients and sifting through their work is a lot of fun. All you have to do in order to grasp their unique personality is keep your eyes on their logo animation in the upper left corner of their site. Great stuff.

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Barcelona based motion and interactive studio Dvein has updated with some excellent idents for SyFy along with a host of other new and exceptional projects.

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Hey Studio got in touch to let us know about a new graphic identity system created for the Spanish graphic awards publication called ‘Laus’. The system incorporates several stunning examples of editorial print work.

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Barcelona based design and illustration studio VanilaBCN has updated with a few new projects for clients including Nike and Computer Arts. Slick and colorful work.

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Vasava, one of my favorite Barcelonean graphic design studios has kept busy and updated with some new project work. Oh how I wish I could live there and work with them. It’s such an amazing city filled with such spirited people.

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Sergio Rodríguez is a Barcelona based designer and illustrator working under the name Serse Graphics who has some fun and vibrant work in his portfolio. He’s ambitious and when he sees a contest or opportunity he gets after it.

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Barcelona design firm Heystudio has updated their Flickrfolio with some impossible-not-to-like work including this poster for the Lapsus Graphic Showcase Exhibition. They have been on a roll this year and last with continually impressive simple, clean, colorful and beautiful graphic design work.

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Bulgarian designer Kliment has created a nice series of typographical posters for the Barcelona series at Show Us Your Type. You can see them in the Kliment Behance-folio.

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Barcelonian design agency Ruiz + Company have updated their website and portfolio. Choosing something from their body of work to represent them is nearly impossible. Every single project is impeccably produced and no-doubt analyzed and toiled over to the most minute detail. That is probably the reason for their long list of impressive awards that includes gold Clios, Gold from the New York Art Directors Club, Gold from the London International Advertising Awards and Silver from the Cannes International Advertising Festival. That is only a few of the awards they have won. If you are looking for some inspiration today, this will probably do the trick. Beautiful design. What are they putting in the water in Barcelona? I was just there, and I hope I brought some of whatever it is back with me.

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Barcelonian graphic designer Eduardo del Fraile has updated with a new website. There is some strikingly beautiful design work in his portfolio. Who knew a can of paint could look so good? Eduardo did.

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I was really pleased to stumble upon some new type arrangements in the Behance-folio of Barcelona-based design studio Vanila BCN for Nike. Super cool and candy colored work.

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Barcelona-based Dracula Studio is managed by Alba Plaza and Elena Gallen. The studio is focused on developing fresh creative projects. They have some really fun and sometimes retro-inspired work in their book so far.

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Studio Astrid Stavro is a multi-disciplinary communication and design consultancy based in Barcelona. They have large volume of work in their portfolio, all of which is clean and considered. Spend a little time clicking-through. Their work has been online for quite some time now and for some reason I missed it.

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It’s been a very very long time since I have dropped in on the portfolio of Barcelonian graphic designer and typographer Angel Sanz Correa and I was pleased to find some new and inspirational work.

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Barcelonian motion house United Fakes would like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season. And we wish them one back.

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Barcelonian graphic designer Máximo Tuja works as a graphic designer and tries his best to create an imaginary world from torn pieces of the ‘real’ world.

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Barcelona born and raised graphic designer Marta Cerdà Alimbau has been busy updating with some really attractive vector-heavy design and typography work.

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Barcelona-based Hey Studio have updated yet again with more simple and inspiring design work. They are adding on one project at a time to their portfolio, but each project is worth noting in it’s own right. ‘Hey’ is really churning out some clean and beautiful graphic design.

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