New work posted to Serial Cut. I have been seeing his ads in a lot of publications lately.

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Brosmind is a multidisciplinary studio based in Barcelona founded by the Mingarro Brothers. They speciallize in illustration, graphic design and product design, although they often develop their own projects. Their style is fresh and optimistic and always combines fantasy and humour.

Seriously fantastic vector illustration work.

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Marta Cerda Alimbau stepped into graphic design after an obtaining an unsuccessful degree in Psychology. Realizing a change was needed then shifted into graphic design and has since worked at Vasava and been recognized by the Art Director’s Club Young Guns competition.

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Good stuff in the portfolio of Elisava graduate Adria Chalaux.

Ahh to be young and in Barcelona.

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The almighty Vasava has updated their website and it is overflowing with awesomeness.

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Marcello Buselli has hit the ground running debuting his portfolio which is full of great work for motion.

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There are some tasty bits in the portfolio of Máximo Tuja.

Here is his about information from his website:
“Born 1975. getting older. I live in Barcelona. I work as graphic designer. I illustrate pasting images. I try to create an imaginary world from torn pieces of the real world. Pataphysicien per conviction.”

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There are some gems in the treasure chest of work at Barcelona-based Actop created for both print and motion.

Here is their bio information from their site:
“Actop is a studio based in Barcelona and London operating as an open structure. We work on a wide range of media: Print, animation, motion graphics, live visuals and new approaches to the moving image. We feel comfortable in any discipline of communication: Festivals and events, commercials, music videos, magazines and of course our own projects.”

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There is a whole bunch of great work in the portfolio of Spanish graphic designer Albert Folch. Ahh to live in Barcelona. It must be nice.

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Nice work by Barcelona-based graphic designer Gabriel Morales.

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There isn’t a lot about Barcelona-based Lamosca that I can discern from their website. All I can figure out is that they have done some really great design work that is well worth a browse.

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Dvein has been making some design headlines as of late and now they have a website online. Dvein is a motion and interactive studio based out of a city I am dreaming of one day residing in, Barcelona. They provide art direction, design and animation for cinema, broadcast and music videos. They are also capable of storyboarding and co-developing at the conceptual phase. They consider themselves an open minded studio in an open minded city and are down to get in on at the proposal level as well. There work shows some amazing talent and their website is also very intuitively designed.

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