It wasn’t long ago that I wrote about the exploits of designer/illustrator Philippe Intraligi but it appears his site has recently been updated and there is all manner of colorful eyecandy in his new portfolio to sink your lashes into. You can also peep more at his Behance-folio.

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Stockholm based design studio Chevy Chase not only has a compelling name but also has some equally compelling work covering the bases of logo design, identity, design manuals, yypography, web design, web development with CMS, digital identities, poster design, magazines, brochures, annual reports, packaging and imagery concepts. The kind of work that is compelling enough for them to have done a full creative blogosphere tour in the last week.

The one thing I want to know is if they have gotten a cease and desist from Chevy Chase’s agent yet.

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Oslo-based multidisciplinary design studio Heydays has been busy and updated with a slew of new print and branding work this week. All of which is meticulously photographed (a skill in and of itself) and looks stunning. Their bold simple use of color makes their work pop.

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Design and branding studio No Method has launched a new website with a huge portfolio of amazing creative work. There are a lot of gems to be mined but it is well worth the excavation.

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London based Inventory Studio was founded in 2008 by Robert Boon & David Lane. They have some great work for branding and print including the logo and stationary system for the restaurant consultancy ‘Eat Green’. ‘Cracking’ as my friends across the pond might say.

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Labzeus is the graphic design work of recently graduated but deeply life-experienced Denver based designer Brian Neumann. I am hoping to work with Brian on future projects as I embark on initiating the creative service branch of Changethethought. Brian has worked diligently to improve himself and his skillset and has grown by leaps and bounds since I first met him when we was in the middle of study. He is currently interning at Cactus here in Denver. I can say with certainty that he is also a really great guy and an equally great person to work with. He is currently accepting both freelance and considering full time opportunities in Denver. So you might want to try and snatch him up before I can figure out a way to keep him busy.

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Hamish Makgill has updated his Brighton based studio’s website at Studio Makgill with some haute new work that has been burning up the creative blog-wire all day today. There is some beautiful work for print happening throughout the updated Makgill portfolio.

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Form+Format was conceived out of a relationship between creative strategist Ita Jalaluddin, graphic designer Daniel Neye and multimedia designer Marcel Wessling.” Their partnership has allowed them to work with clients like Vattenfall Europe, Nike, Kitty-Yo and Entak.Inc / Kilo Records. Their work has been featured, published and broadcasted worldwide in magazines, books and festivals, such as Die Gestalten, MTV Asia, the National Film Institute London and the highly acclaimed NEMO Festival in Paris.

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Moffit Moffit is a rather unusual design and branding studio being that it is a collaborative partnership formed by identical twin brothers Andrew and Mark Moffitt. Aside from their looks they also share a genuine love for design and that is translated into some exceptional work for branding, art direction, graphic design, motion and online design in their joint portfolio.

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Auckland based design studio Everything has some exceptionally beautiful branding and print work in their portfolio. They take a a no nonsense approach to brand strategy and brand identity design, brand guidelines, brochures, websites, marketing communications, vehicle liveries, destination branding, exhibition design, signage, clothing and uniforms, advertising campaigns, marketing suites, annual reports, logos, information graphics, enewsletters, posters, direct mail, furniture, bikes, packaging, games…everything.

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Rumors Studio based out of Brooklyn has some nice identity work in their portfolio. If you are going to letterpress a business card, don’t mess around, just go for it.

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Letter Heady is a blog devoted to the subject of Letterhead design which should be of some interest to those of us in the design field. The blog has just started out so there are not a lot of examples up yet but it has the potential to grow more interesting over time.

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London design powerhouse Barnbrook has updated with a new website and a few new examples as work so far as I can tell. Regardless, it’s another excuse to peruse through their incredible body of expertly realized design work.

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Philippe Intraligi does some crisp and clean vector branding work for some big clients. He also cranks out some nice visuals for use in television spots. He is a bit of a jack of all trades and it doesn’t seem to hinder him at all from pulling in the projects.

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There is some gorgeous branding and print work in the portfolio of Lotta Nieminen who studied at both the University of Art and Design Helsinki and The Rhode Island School of Design. That is quite a background and it shows in the work.

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A big scrollable wall of design goodness that is a downright feast for the eyes and imagination is waiting to be discovered in the Carefully Considered portfolio.

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Bleed is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Oslo Norway. They have an interesting website and some equally intriguing work in their portfolio.

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Oslo-based studio Heydays has updated again with some fetching new work. The die-cut poster above is particularly attractive.

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