Brazilian Art Director/designer Danilo Rodrigues has updated with a new site full of fresh and interesting work.

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Brasileiro designer Dimitre Lima just emailed to inform me that he just updated his website with some new work. I was immediately drawn to the processing-driven Mtv animation-ident in his portfolio. I managed to track down an actual video that you can see above but please do drop by his site for more of his unusual work. Eu gosto muito.

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Estúdio Alice has some really nice quirky and colorful illustration work in their portfolios. Brazilians do it best.

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There is some clean and sleek work in the portfolio of Brazilian designer Alexandre Lins.

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A recently updated and broad portfolio consisting of a varying degree of successful approaches to contemporary design from Brazilian studio Carlo Giovani.

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Wow, I am just utterly blown away by the talent of Brazilian designer/illustrator Nelson Balaban. Just amazing. Everything he creates is a work of art. It is like he is somehow hard-wired to artfully meld design and illustration in ways that you have to not only appreciate but respect. He is younger than I was I think before I even started working in the design and advertising field and I just cannot believe the things he produces. Stunning.

Oh and he has also just updated his website, Xtrabold with new and needless to say, unbelievably beautiful work.

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Brazilian Ricardo Actus produces some interesting heavily-texturized collages utilizing his own typographical layouts.

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Some nice type and motion from Dimitre Lima.

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I stumbled upon the Behance portfolio of Brazilian illustrator Christiano Siqueira today A.K.A. CrisVector, and was again taken in by some of his work. I have looked at his website before but honestly, I just do not have the patience anymore to sit through waiting for images to load in Flash. It just drives me nuts. I was able to take in more of his work at his Behance page and he really has created some amazing imagery using little more than vector art. I love vector art and have for close to 10 years now so it is hard for me not to be sucked in by accomplished vector artists.

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The fine and extremely talented people behind Estudio Mopa have been kind enough to inform me that they have put up a new version of their website and updated their portfolio with new work. What is it about Brazilian design right now. They are on fire over there. Everything they produce is so vivid, wild, experimental, colorful and exciting.

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The ever-so-talented and still-so-young Brazilian Art Director/Designer, Silencio sent a note that he has updated his portfolio with some visually arresting new work.

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The website for the elusive Brazilian creative agency Big Man is in a way simple but in another way complex. I apologize if that doesn’t really make sense but after you visit, you will see what I mean. After clicking on several of the links, I am still having a little trouble figuring out exactly what it is that they do but the site itself is very interesting.

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Platinum is a retouching and image manipulation studio based in Brazil that we have worked with in the past at Cactus. They did an amazing job and since have literally blown-up into a rock start studio capable producing mind-numbingly amazing imagery. They have updated their site since I last checked in and their is a lot of work their now. Their site is a little frustrating but if you have the patience you will be greeted by vivid waves of intense colors and stunning visuals. Their work is really really impressive.

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Brazillian Motion Agency Molho does the kind of work that melts your brain. Recently they conceived a two minute free-from motion piece for Maxhaus. Maxhaus is a Brazillian brand that specializes in modular custom lofts.

Molho studio is based in Sao Paulo and led b creative director Marcelo Garcia. The studio aims to conceptualize and produce ideas across all mediums and in very possible format.

Have a gander at their work for Maxhaus and be patient because they will soon have a full and proper website where you can review the rest of their work.

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There is some eclectic work in the portfolio of Brazilian Graphic Designer/Motionographer Everson Nazari. Again, it is one of those portfolios where I am not sure if I like all of it, but there is definitely some work there that jumps out and grabs you, particularly in his illustration section. It will be interesting to check back up on him in the future to see where his work goes.

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Silencio is the Graphic Design work and Art Direction of Brazilian Atila Meireles. The home page of the site has to be seen to be believed, but it made me wish I had thought of a floating hippo. How could anything that starts with a sleeping floating hippo be bad? The work doesn’t disappoint either.

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The very young, (born in 85) and highly talented Will Murai creates gorgeous illustrations from his very small locale Arujá in Brazil. His work has mass appeal beyond his restrictive borders however, which you can see in his roster of clients. He deserves the accolades and at his age, I am sure he is just getting started.

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Brazilian Illustrator Ana Tokutake has updated her portfolio with some colorful and interesting work.

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