I stumbled across the Flickrfolio of designer, illustrator and motionographer Gabriel Pulecio this morning and felt as though there was a better array of work there than what I had previously seen at his website. He is not afraid of bright color and likes to experiment and there are some great moments happening in his body of experimental work at his Flickrstream.

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Brooklyn-based illustrator/designer Salvatore Dell’Aquila has updated with some new work. I am particularly enjoying his motion boards created for the likes of Brand New School and Transistor Studios.

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Artist Nick van Woert produces the kind of ‘reexamination of pre-existing/accepted western cultural art norms’ that could be described as trendy but forces you to reconsider something old as something colliding with the new. It’s the kind of art that is clever enough to make it into the highly curated postings of But Does it Float (damnit all that blog is cool). It’s also the kind of art that as an artist you look at and think, ‘shit that’s brilliant, why didn’t I think of that?’ Well, Nick beat you to it. Lastly, it’s the kind of sculptural art that could only be realized in a post pop art-modernism society. Placing one of Woert’s sculptures in your home would most certainly spark a conversation. One that would no doubt start with, ‘…well this is interesting’. Woert currently resides in Brooklyn which if you’ve been paying attention to all of the ‘it’s the kind of art that’ sentences in this post shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

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Brooklyn based photographer Kevin Cooley has a flair for making the world captured through his lens look ‘other worldly’. The stark color in his contemplative imagery equates to photographic art and his attention to craftsmanship insures a spectacular result.

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Rumors Studio based out of Brooklyn has some nice identity work in their portfolio. If you are going to letterpress a business card, don’t mess around, just go for it.

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Brooklyn based photographer Alex Gaidouk captures quiet contemplative moment of serenity that can lift you out of your present reality and put your somewhere, albeit momentarily as an observer, which is a unique gift.

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AOL has tapped some bright creative minds for it’s recent relaunch and Brooklyn-based creative agency GHAVA (short for Graphic Havoc) emailed this morning to share their leg of the campaign with us. GHAVA generated more promotional video content for the AOL relaunch as well as t-shirts and outdoor that has been displayed around NYC. You can view the rest of GHAVA’s contribution to the campaign at their website.

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Jon Contino and Matt Gorton have joined forces to launch a new graphic design studio called Onetwentysix. Expect great hand-drawn type.

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Brooklyn-based (yes Brooklyn again) artist Erika Somogyi has managed to combine a sense of human spiritualism with references to nature. The end result of which are some stunning paintings with a bold use of color.

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Brooklyn-based artist Vince Contarino has some amazing use of color happening within his abstract drawings, paintings and collages. Beautiful work.

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Artist, Christopher Davison has a large body of work archived at his website. He is also exhibiting his first solo show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in New York. The show will be up through the end of this month.

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Brooklyn-based illustrator, Lisel Jane has a beautiful body of work that has been utilized by some notable clients.

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I am really really digging the psychedelic multi-eyed women in the work of young Brooklyn-based artist Lauren Albert A.K.A. ‘Lala‘.

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Brooklyn-based artist/illustrator, Lis Timpone has some nice drawings in her blog-folio.

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Yotam Hadar has a really unusual portfolio with some really interesting print work. I almost didn’t know what to make of it at first but the more I looked the more I liked. He is really talented and just takes a very different approach the each project. It appears he really looks to see the forest through the trees and takes in the whole project from a gestaltist perspective addressing all the parts in the process.

Here is a little more on his background from his website:
“Yotam Hadar. Born 1980. Graduate of the Bezalel Academy, majoring in graphic design & typography. Recipient of the Keren Sharet double scholarship prizes (’05–’07) by the America-Israel Foundation.Worked full time with Danny Goldberg Design (’06), Open TBE (’07), and Maariv|nrg (’08). Collaborated with clients, studios and agencies on design projects of various media and scale, from concept to production, including books, catalogues, magazines and other printed matter, branding and Identity systems, websites and interaction design, illustration etc.
Selected clients include Project Projects (nyc), ICQ, The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Brio Interaction Design, Co-Op, KN Studio, Zarmon Goldman DDB, Danny Goldberg Design, Open TBE among others.”

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David Pocull Viñets has some really nice style board work for motion in his portfolio. You can’t hate on the Hulkster.

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Eric Elms is the founder of the Brooklyn-based design studio Adorn. They have a long scroll of really exceptional and intelligent work.

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Brooklyn-based designer/illustrator, Norik has updated with some nice work. His portfolio is pretty varied and he isn’t afraid to experiment or dabble in different styles which is really nice. Consequently, there are some really unusual and unexpected pieces in his book (especially loving some of the psychedelic work).

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