Illustrator/designer Damien Correll has updated once again with some really nice hand-treated design work. A lot of the images are pretty small but there is some really nice work on display regardless.

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John Ryan Solis is an illustrator and fine artist based in Brooklyn, New York.  He received a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in 2008 and currently works at Vault 49.

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Jodi A.K.A. Stefano Dembro, sent me a nice email this morning letting me in on the tidbit that he had updated his website with some really nice new work across several mediums.

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There is some really nice graphic design work for print and editorial in the newly updated portfolio of Wes Duvall.

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My friends at Lifelongfriendshipsociety have relaunched with some exceptional motion work.

Props guys and great song selection on the new reel.

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There are some nice bits of work in the portfolio of Daniel Cassaro who lives, works and trips the light fantastic in Brooklyn, NY.

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Matt & Kim’s star is on the rise. A friend from NYC just emailed me about them and I remember watching another video of theirs earlier last year and have since forgotten to pick up their album. ‘Daylight’ is some pretty catchy shiznit if you ask me. The video was directed by Micah Perta.

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Las Hermanas are Lisa and Janelle Iglesias, the youngest of 4 daughters and second generation Americans. They used to share a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn but they recently received an upcoming 6 month residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris through the lower Manhattan cultural council for October 2008 through March 2009.

Really interesting work.

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There isn’t a lot of work in the portfolio of Brooklyn-based design company, Pillow Fort, but what is there is fantastic. I recently saw their entries for the Penguin/Creativity book cover design competition and was really impressed. I am a big fan of really going wild with color, especially now that the digital realm offers up previously impossible color palletes. So, I immediately noticed their aggressive use of color and type.

They are definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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There is some really tasty hand-drawn lettering in the portfolio of Jon Contino.

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Kory Matthew Westerhold is rollin’ in Brooklyn where he is runnin’ the streets.

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Well, I apologize but I haven’t been able to write for the blog the past few days. I was in Nebraska for a family affair, then back to Denver and now I am in New York, Brooklyn to be exact working on a new set of television commercials with Lifelongfriendshipsociety.

So, while I am working check out their work because they are amazing and I will try to get back to you all tomorrow or by the end of the week.

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LABOUR is a Brooklyn, NY-based creative office that employs a bold and original working method across a full spectrum of media, from moving image and audio to printed matters and intellectual properties.

Founded by longtime collaborators Ryan Dunn and Wyeth Hansen, LABOUR is a unique beast – a small studio that is equally at home designing information systems for tech clients, directing music videos, writing and recording music, designing typefaces, or creating brand identities from the ground up.”

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“Born and raised right outside the nation’s capitol, Ilana later moved to Brooklyn, NY where she attended Pratt Institute, graduating with a BFA in Communication Design/Illustration. Ilana currently remains in lovely Fort Greene Brooklyn where she works full time as an Illustrator alongside several chickens & a peach tree.”

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There is some really attractive work in the portfolio of Brooklyn-based Peter Sunna for both straight graphic design and branding.

Link uncovered via the almighty FFF.

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Just all manner of great things happening in the portfolio of Brooklyn-based designer/typographer/illustrator extraordinaire Jim Datz.

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Their is some fun stuff in the portfolio of Brooklyn-based, Ground-Wave.

Here is their profile copied from their site: “We’re a design firm based out of Brooklyn, NY. And simply put, we love creating beautiful, flexible designs. Whether we’re working with you on a new identity, a website, or a mobile GUI, the goal is to build a living, breathing product�one that scales to your needs now� and later. With an ever-evolving online landscape, these days creativity is adaptability, and that’s what we want to give you. All wrapped up in a sweet design.

If we had a motto (or a mullet), it would probably be business in front, whiz-bang in back. Back-end, that is. Particularly when we’re working within the online realm, we stress the wisdom of designs that are easily updatable and can empower our clients. Whether it’s building a content management system custom-tailored to your needs or integrating with an existing solution, we look for smart and sensible ways to make our designs durable.”

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Damien Correll has updated his bizarre but interesting body of work with more bizarre interestingness.

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