The multi-disciplinary studio C100 Purple Haze (yes you read that correctly) has kept busy and sent a note about a recent update to their website that includes a flurry of new projects. It’s an interesting body of work that stretches from more fashion-orientated editorial work all the way through snow board graphics.

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Munich based multidisciplinary design consultancy C100 Purple Haze was founded by Christian Hundertmark (C100) and Clemens Baldermann (Purple Haze). The studio just updated with a new site and several new and exciting projects. They have an impressive roster of clients now and the work just keeps getting better.

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C100 Purple Haze is a small multidisciplinary design studio based in Munich. They emailed today to let me know they launched a new website. I posted their website to the last version of my blog but somehow never managed to post them to the current version. They have a really impressive body of just flat out rock solid graphic design work.

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