Canadian designer Paul Sych A.K.A. Faith utilizes lyrical typographical elements to create a unique interplay with photography.

About Faith:
“For over 2 decades, Paul Sych has been exploring and practicing many of the parallels between art and music. After completing his studies from both York University’s prestigious Jazz Program and from the Ontario College Of Art & Design, Paul founded his multi-disciplinary design studio Faith, in 1989. Paul has consistently offered new methods of expression by using custom typography as a catalyst within his work and has challenged both clients and peers alike to enter his world of unique and flamboyant use of type and imagery. In addition to being commissioned by legendary designers, art directors, educators and forums on typography internationally, his work has been widely exhibited and published globally. Paul continues to explore visual and typographic works in print, branding, public art, motion graphics and broadcast design. Recently, Paul has focused his interests in teaching, lecturing, conducting workshops and personal critiques to both students and colleagues alike in a effort to begin a new dialogue on typography and design methods.”

Via FFF.

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Way Shape Form is a design partnership between Matthew Boyd and River Jukes-Hudson. The two have worked together on a wide range of projects for publishing, music, art, fashion, and education. WSF is located in Toronto, Canada.”

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Alex McLeod is responsible for some highly unusual art installations*.

*Correction: I received a little comment from Alex stating that these are in fact CGI prints, not actual photos of installations. Still interesting and exceptional work nonetheless.

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Some slick work for motion, broadcast and print in the portfolio of Toronto-based Dan Filip Radu.

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Fantastic photographic projects from swiss-born, Montreal-based Thomas Kneubuhler.

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It has been a long long while since my last visit, and I might be wrong but it looks as though there have been a couple of small updates at Beauhouse. Regardless, it is worth a quick browse through their work for a little slice of inspiration.

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There is some fun work in the artistic portfolio of Canadian artist Eve Duhamel.

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I am really liking the photography and the website that showcases it for the talented photographer Chris Woods.

It is, however, one of those sites that starts playing music right away, so consider yourself warned before clicking.

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Lyle Owerko is a photographer and filmmaker with a diverse roster of clients that include major brands, corporation and human rights groups. Known for his perception and knowledge of urban movements, his instinctually crafted visual images have found an indelible place in the lexicon of pop culture and journalism. In a morning that will stay with him forever, Lyle photographed the image that appeared on the cover of Tim Magazines September 11, 2001 issue. His current projects seek to bridge ethnic borders in a manner that documents cultural groups for the betterment of the human condition. Lyle was raised in Calgary, Canada, studied at The Pratt Institute in New York, and currently resides in TriBeca with his girlfriend Shaundra and their dog Luna.”

Wouldn’t ‘Lexicon of Pop Culture’ make a great title for an album. Sorry, just an observation. His ghetto blaster series makes an indelible mark on my lexicon of photography culture.

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I gotta say, I was really excited by the work of Montreal-based graphic designer Dominic Prevost. I love the way he uses color and his pop-art style. His visuals are trendy but not overdone. His work sincerely gave me some new ideas. Great work. I know I have stumbled across his site before but I have no good idea why I have never written about him.

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There is some fun stuff in the portfolio of Vancouver-based Beauhouse.

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Canadian-based motion agency NAKD has officially relaunched their website. There is some real quality work in their book.

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There is just all kinds of great work in the portfolio of Canadian design agency Paprika. You can spend a good half hour or more just clicking through example after example of good design.

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I don’t speak French so there isn’t a lot I am able to tell you about Canadian Designer Louis Pierre Chouinard. You don’t really need to speak French however to appreciate some of the conceptual thinking going on in his work.

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The 2008 graduating class of Vancouver’s IDEA [Illustration/Design: Elements & Applications] 3-year diploma Program will be having their graduation show on April 14th. The school centers on programs in communication design and applied illustration. The program has been recognized for high job placement success and strong career relevancy. In shorthand, the students come out of school very well prepared to jump right into a career in the design and creative industry.

As of the scheduled show date of April 14th there will be 26 new designers and illustrators ready to hit the slippery creative ground running. You can check out their site which features profiles and portfolio selections of each graduate at:


The site is very well designed and there is some equally well designed and thought out work in the portfolios of these young graduates. I was impressed.

Site and campaign credits include: Identity Travis Collier, Interactive Eli Horn, Motion Travis Collier, Eli Horn, Tyler Quarles.

Discovered via Computerlove.

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The Canadian Indie Rock/Folk Collective The Acorn released their new album Glory Hope Mountain in early March. “Flood Pt. 1″ is the first video release promoting the album and it is worth noting as a fine piece of art as well. The video was directed by Christopher Mills. Apparently Mills hasn’t really been on the music video scene for a few years now since his earlier work with a few of my favorite bands like Broken Social Scene and Interpol. The video is very unusual and puts in the work to help deliver on the narrative of the strangely driving if not somewhat tribal song. Production-wise it appears to be mostly 3d but the weaving in of analog accents like sketches and fine art give it a more visceral and dreamlike quality. It is definitely one of the most interesting and original videos I have seen so far this year.

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