A group of ‘dubstep droid’ resolve a dispute the only way they know how in this animated 3D short by  with music by Nostalgia.

More info: fluxelmedia.com/fluxelmedia/projects/Dubstep_Dispute/Dubstep_Dispute.html
Nostalgia: facebook.com/dnbnostalgia
Full Length Track: soundcloud.com/nostalgia/knights-of-cydonia-nostalgia-dubstep-remix

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Character is a San Francisco-based, independent creative agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands. Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between our client’s brand and their audience through smart thinking and intelligent design.”

I was informed that Character likes to ‘fly under the radar’ but that might be hard to do with the portfolio they are developing. It’s worth talking about as there is some strong project work represented under the Character brand.

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We were peeping this a few days back in the studio as a source of inspiration for highly graphic character animation. Way good stuff from Elastic.

Design + Animation | Elastic
Art Director | Lisha Tan
Designs | Leanne Dare + Brian Gosset
Animation | Alan Chen + Steven Do
Composer | Rama Kolesnikow
Mix | Nick Bozzone, POP Sound

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“This Short Film Animation Project has been created by students of The Animation School to gain vital work experience.” Well okay then. This is a pretty amazing piece for student work. It seems like there has been a lot of that going around lately. Stick around at the end to see the credits for all involved.

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Juan Molinet has produced work for several notable studios as his character driven cartoon-esque with an adult edge work seems perfect for modern mograph purposes. He’s got some fun and colorful work in his portfolio.

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There are all kinds of fun characters spilling from the mind of Berlin based illustrator Stick-a-thing. The best way to see them all is through his Flickr-folio.

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Wow, I stumbled up the Behance sketchbook of illustrator Wesley Eggebrecht and was very impressed. He has an amazing style and imagination. It made me excited to pick up the pencil and just go for it. You can see a few more examples of his work in the rest of his Behance folio and he also has a website, but to be perfectly honest the rawness of his sketches and his intuitive style was what I was most taken by.

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Character is a design agency based in San Francisco. Character was established in 1999 by Benjamin Pham, Patricia/Tish Evangelista and Rishi Shourie. The studio now employs a team of art directors, designers, project managers, brand strategists and writers. Character has generated creative for Nike, Levis, Restoration Hardware, Kohler and Pottery Barn. They have some beautiful design work in their portfolio. All of it is on point and highly accomplished.

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