Illustrator and Royal College of Art graduate Michelle Thompson has launched a new site and is showcasing some new work. Right this way to view it.

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Virginia Echeverria Whipple creates some unusual collages utilizing a touch of nostalgia with a dash of color.

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Toulouse-born (France) and now London-based ATMA has some very interesting collage work in his artistic portfolio. Great use of color.

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Eiko Ojala has a varied portfolio in terms of execution but all of the imagery is consistently compelling and expertly crafted.

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Since I last dropped in, Sebastian Onufszak has been busy updating his huge portfolio with a lot of new work that is really beginning to stretch his approach and style.

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Talented collage-style illustrator James Dawe has updated his portfolio with some colorfully stunning new work.

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Dan Baldwin takes a mixed media approach to his artwork. He hacks, chops, spills, splatters and paints his compositions with frenetic energy. The end result is a mashup of the swilling vortex of violent news and popular culture.

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Colin Jenkinson has a large volume of collage-style sketches and compositions within his Flickr-folio. His considered use of color and space makes each piece unique and inviting.

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I think I may have written about the Spanish design firm, Medusa Team before in the past but I stumbled across their Behance and Flickr portfolios today and found a lot of fun and colorful work encompassing typography, design and illustration.

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Eva Eun-Sil Han currently resides in Belgium and uses a multitude of mediums to accomplish her unusual compositions.

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Art Director/digital collage artist, Alejandro Chavetta has updated his website with more of his unique collage/illustration work.

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There is a really good body of work in the portfolio of French studio PNTS, not the least of which is a series of really cool geometric symmetrical layouts using old school bodybuilding photographs. Nothing like Arnold in the 70s.

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What I really like about Lou Beach and his bizarro illustrations is how they kind of force you to reconsider something familiar and look at it in an entirely new way. Give yourself a little time to look all the way through his body of work. It’s worth it.

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Graphic designer Matthew Barnes has a lot of really interesting and considered work happening throughout his highly varied portfolio. The images are small but the work is well worth browsing.

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Bizzarro Leads-based art house, Kraffhics has recently updated since I posted them a long while back now. They are definitely owning their strangeness (but I like it).

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I am really really digging the black and white psychedelic/metaphysical collage work of artist Nicolas Malinowsky this afternoon.

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I can’t tell you much about Pioforsky other than the fact that he has some really beautiful imagery in his Flickr-folio. There is a kind of silent-movie-retro-throwback-psychedelic thing happening that is really nice.

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Jason DeMarte’s biography:
Jason DeMarte was born in Louisiana in 1973 but spent most of his childhood in Colorado. Growing up in Colorado’s natural beauty had a profound effect on Jason, an effect that is evident in his work to this day. While Jason has been making pictures since he was 11 years old he was originally interested in biological sciences. After attending school pursuing a degree in science Jason decided he could investigate his interests in the natural world better with Photography. Jason DeMarte is now an established artist currently on leave from Mississippi State University and teaching photography at the University of New Mexico. He received his B.F.A. in Photography from Colorado State University and then his M.F.A in Photography from the University of Oregon. Previous to teaching in Mississippi, Jason taught photography for three years at Zayed University, an all Muslim women’s University in the United Arab Emirates. Working overseas allowed Jason to travel to over a dozen countries, giving him an insightful and unique perspective to work from. DeMarte’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums including the Chelsea Galleria in Miami, the Pacific Northwest Center for Photography in Portland OR. the Meridian Museum of Art, the New Life Gallery in Berlin Germany, the University of the Art Gallery in Philadelphia, the Irene Carlson Gallery of Photography in L.A., the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and the Total Arts Gallery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. His work has also appeared in journals and publications including Photography Now, Photo Review and the Wynwood Arts Magazine. He recently received honorable mention for Jen Beckman’s “Hey Hot Shots” competition, and was accepted into this years Review Santa Fe and the Photo-Eye gallery showcase in Santa Fe NM. Lastly Jason was nominated for this years PDN 30 emerging photographers.”

Discovered via But Does It Float.

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