Changethethought added a new editor this week. Justin Blyth joins us from Amsterdam and will be dropping in from time to time to load the syringe for an injection of creative inspiration. His work was featured earlier this week and wrote to express an interest in contributing to the blog. Thank you so much justin. You can read all about Justin here.

If you are interested in contributing to Changethethought, just send 3 links to something you think would fit into Ctt’s content along with a link to your own site. Send your emails to hire(at)changethethought.com

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I am working on a new digital collage project I am calling Vision Quest. It is based on nature, spirit animals, the quest for identity and the balance between technology and living in harmony with the natural world.

That was a mouthful. Anyway, don’t expect them to be complete for a couple weeks, but the first installment is pictured above. I think when these are done, I will finally be printing a new round of posters. I will most likely be doing 3 of these but I may end up doing 4. You can see more detailed images in the PRINT section.

I am also currently seeking a new hosting sponsor for my website. I would also really like to do another project for music. So if you or someone you know is in a band and needs a poster design or album art send me an email. You can email me about hosting the site or hiring me for your music project at hire(at)changethethought.com

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I have been working hard on some new prints for this year and there are a couple new bits and pieces in my print portfolio. I am still working on several new prints and should be printing some new posters for 2009 sometime in the next few weeks. I will also be printing some larger format posters (18 x 24 inches) including the poster shown above. I am also working on a very large format print (A1) for the DATA (Designers Against Tibetan Abuse) show that will take place this summer. If I am not mistaken the show will be in London but don’t quote me on that. I may even try to attend since I have yet to visit London and desperately want to do so.

Thank you for your readership. There has been a big upsurge in traffic which has been great to see. I promise to keep this thing rolling as long as you are out there rocking. Thank you.

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Well, 2008 was an insane year. So much happened that I did not expect. I set out, very deliberately, at the beginning of last year to start a whole new version of the site and really push myself both personally in my own work, and also strive to hunt down as much content as humanely possible to create a legitimate blog that can serve as a real source of daily inspiration for the modern designer. It wasn’t easy since I work full time as an Art Director at an advertising agency, and it has been straining many times, but it has been worth it. The site has come so far, and I have plans to keep pushing it further.

Just before the holiday I got word that Uptown Magazine will be publishing a special double issue (2 covers) for the inauguration of Obama that feature two of my illustrations. Currently I am also working on a new television spot for the Colorado Lottery . I also re-concepted and art directed along with all of my hard working friends at Cactus, the new version of the Own Your C campaign along with a new version of the website for which I am still pushing for further development. Thank you to my new writing partner Lee for all of his work on the new campaign. The OYC work included 5 new T.V. spots created with the amazingly talented people at Lifelongfrienshipsociety. I had more fun working with them this year than probably any other project I have worked on. NYC is amazing. I cannot wait to go back. I was also asked to contribute a small piece and make some predictions for trends in 2009 by Computer Arts Magazine. You can see and read this in the current issue (also pictured above). I also appeared in the 50 covers/50th issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine U.K. this month. I am currently working on printing a new series of A3 posters and continue (outside of my day job) working on creating new posters and work (a recent poster is pictured above).

I am still looking for new partnerships both for the site and for new creative projects. I am still seeking a art/design rep to help me secure more design/illustration work and am always looking for new freelance projects. My work at Cactus is going very well though and I feel blessed everyday to be working for such a tremendous agency and be surrounded by so many talented and kind people. I plan on staying there with people I truly care about for some time.

I am just perpetually interested in growing as a creative and a person and that means taking on as much as I can handle. I will also be pursuing my acting career more aggressively this year and will be getting my first head shots soon. Basically, I refuse to sleep until I pass out.

I am also currently shopping for a house and have decided to hunker down for a while in Denver. Its beautiful here. Its an up-and-coming city and I want to be a part of making it a better place to be a creative.

2009 is going to be a big year and don’t let the media get you down. We can make the world better and turn things around. We have before and we can do it again. Stay positive and keep creating. Thank you so much for the support and keep your eye out because Changethethought is going to charge on.

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Happy New Year everyone. 2009 is going to be a big year, I can feel it. It will be a big year for me personally but I also hope it will be a turning point for America and hopefully the rest of the world. Playtime is over and now we have to own up and start kicking in to make this world a better place for future generations. Lets get started in a big new way this year.

Thanks for seeing Changethethought through 2,063 posts. I promise much much more this year. Thank you and have a safe and happy new year.

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Well it is that time of year again, believe it or not. This year flew by and what a crazy year it was. Who could have predicted our current state of affairs.

I will be heading into the very heart of the American midwest today where I will not have a connection to the internet until Sunday. So, I will be signing off for a few days and wishing all of you a happy holiday. Thank you so very much for your support this year and for visiting the blog and subscribing to the RSS feed. I promise to keep beating the cyber-pavement this next year to find anything and everything I can relating to design and all things creative to keep your inspiration tank full.

Happy Holidays everyone. I’ll be back in front of the screen this Sunday and from then on will continue to flood your feed with news and links.

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So I was working on this psychedelic triptych, just for the hell of it, and finally finished it last night. I threw it in my personal section because I wasn’t really sure where else to file it. I hope you dig it. I think for my next round of posters I may print these up. If anything, just because I want to hang them in my own home to freak people out a little bit. Most people aren’t accosted by introspective art every day and I like to put some in my home especially in private places like bedrooms or bathrooms to force people into that zone where they have to confront themselves a little bit and think. We may take that for granted because so many of us spend so much time plugged into the current of digital art and culture but most people have yet to enter that space. So, it is easy to take them off guard and I love to see how they react to work like this.

I want to do a few things this next go round with my posters that are a little less direct and more open to interpretation. I hope you dig it. If not, that is fine too. Its art you know. You can’t please everyone. These were digitally-collaged using found imagery.

They are loosely based on the concept of identity, memory and the infinite nature of the space-time continuum.

2009 is going to be a good year. I can feel it. Expect a lot of new work and a better website (if I can find the money to upgrade it). I am going to bust my ass this year like there is no tomorrow. And there may not be a tomorrow with 2012 around the corner. You never know.

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Alright this isn’t exactly the most important news I have posted recently, but I have finally turned to the Facebook darkside. It is even more addictive than everyone warned me it would be.

Needless to say at this point, I have started a Facebook group for Changethethought where you are welcome to suggest topics or discuss things related to graphic design or anything else you might be interested in that effects your life as a creative. And thank you so much for reading the blog up until this point and also for all of you have been so kind as to send me news about your work or something you have found that you would like to share with others. It has been a rewarding experience thus far and it has only just begun. I hope to learn even more about you on Facebook.

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I will be speaking tomorrow night or today (November 21) depending on when you are reading this at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the 3rd installment of the Applied Ideas discussions. I will be speaking alongside some highly respected peers in the local art and design scene including:

Rick Griffith (MATTER),
Aaron Ray (Legwork Studio),
and Ian Coyle (Superheroes, Inc.)

I would especially like to thank Ian Coyle for inviting me. I will be speaking in an open discussion forum about style in a post internet design environment, overexposure to the perpetual internet design community, design for designers (or designers as an evolving consumer group), and possibly design in the emerging global economy (depending on time).

Please do stop by if you are in town and check it out. I apologize for not writing about it earlier but this week at work almost killed me and I have just not had the time to sit down and compose.

The discussion begins at 7:30 and you can find MCA Denver here:
1485 Delgany Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 298-7554
Get directions

I hope to see you there.

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I was recently asked by the lead singer of the local Denver band (and a really good band in my humble opinion) to design a two screen poster to announce the release of their latest 7 inch EP. I hadn’t designed a rock poster in a long long time so I jumped at the chance. Although it wasn’t really needed and the budget in no way called for it, I really went to town and kind of went nuts working up different ideas. I rarely get to sink my teeth into something music related so I felt like I had to get as much out of my system as possible. You can see all 7 versions of the poster now in the print section of the site. The band likes the giraffe mandala poster so that is the one which will most likely be printed. I’ll let you know when and where they will be playing if you would like to pick one up.

For more information about the Hot Iqs, you can visit their website.

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I put some larger images of some of my more popular apparel designs back into the Apparel section of my work portfolio. I thought people might want to see the designs at a larger scale since they are kind of hard to see on the shirts.

I am also working on a new series of posters for a local Denver band who is releasing a new 7″. There will be some updates on that soon.

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In light of the recent downturn in the economy along with the upcoming election, I decided to drop the price of the Obama Commemorative posters by 20 dollars. From now until the day of the presidential election the posters will be priced at $30. Also, up until election day, if you order an Obama poster you can choose ANY of the other posters (currently priced at $18) on the website and receive them with your Obama poster for only $10. Again, all of the posters are signed and numbered.

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Finally, the first series of Changethethought posters is now available for sale. All of the posters in the image above were printed in sets of 100. You can purchase them here for 18 dollars a piece. If you buy 3 or more they are reduced to 15 dollars each. The posters are printed on extra heavy 100lb True White paper. The color reproduction is top notch. They are vivid, lush and rich in detail. I have signed and numbered every poster. The second generation of posters will be marked as such. Merchline ships internationally as well, so don’t be afraid to order if you are in Europe or anywhere else overseas.

Get them while you can. It may be a while before the next series is printed. Massive 24 by 36 Obama posters will be available in September.

Spread the word.

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I have to warn you that the blog will probably be very slow over the next two weeks. It pains me to say it but the traffic is higher than it ever has been since the site first launched as a full on blog. Right now there are close to 3,000 people a day stopping by and that just reached that particular threshold this week. So it saddens me to not be able to keep up the pace for two whole weeks but I will be traveling to Brazil for the next two weeks with my wife. She lives in a fairly remote part of northern Brazil called Teresina. You can see a picture of it above. I will have a spotty dial-up connection here and there but that will be about it for the next two weeks. I wish I could lie and say I will feel bad that I am not pumping out the latest news for you when I am on the beach for 4 days in Fortaleza but I won’t. I am going to give my self at least that long to collect myself and kind of get my focus back.

This year has been the hardest working year of my entire life. That is no exaggeration. This blog has really turned into a part time, if not sometimes full time job but it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and it has been really exciting to see so many people coming here for inspiration. I don’t think a lot of people realize how hard it can be to run something like this and since about 95% of the posts come directly from me, it has been a tremendous amount of work. I believe in art and design though and I also believe in inspiring people and helping give artists, designers, photographers and anyone in between a place where they can show their work to an interested audience. That was something that really helped me forward my career in the past and I wanted to give that back.

So please bare with me for the next couple of weeks while I soak up a little long needed sun and finally spend some quality time with the woman who has supported me and all my crazy ideas for the last 10 years.

On the Changethethought news front, I have printed 10 of the posters from the print section in series of 100 per design. They are all A3 sized and printed on 100lb true white stock. The color reproduction really blew my mind. I was so excited when I got them back. They really look amazing. They are every bit as vivid and rich in person as they are on the website. I was really stunned. My printer really pulled out all the stops for me and did a great job. The posters include the ‘We Not Me, Buckminster Fuller and Pure Energy’ designs that a lot of people seem to like. They should be in the Changethethought Merchline store the week after next.

Lastly, I also printed 2,000 of the Obama Commemorative posters. Yep, 2,000. It cost me a damned fortune but I think it was worth it. I haven’t had time to photograph them properly yet but they are stunning. I took them out of the packaging and immediately sold 8 of them to my coworkers right there on the spot. If I can actually sell all of them, I would like to give somewhere around 10,000 dollars or so back to the Obama campaign. Maybe even more. I haven’t figured out the math yet. The posters are printed on 80lb Mohawk Felt White paper. There is a texture to the paper that really absorbed the color and they printed really rich and deep. I was really excited. The crazy thing is that when you stack them all they stand about waist high and weigh something like 300-400 pounds. I have no clue how the hell I am going to get them shipped to Merchline. I plan on signing and numbering every single one. Chances are I will never print another run but who knows. I will number them in succession as I print them though.

So when I get home, I gotta crack into those bad boys and start signing away. Then figure out how the hell you ship 400lbs worth of posters over 2,000 miles. Ah the things we do in the creative business. I really felt like there was a need for a more austere and serious Obama poster though. I wanted people to have something that kind of memorialized him and was symbolic of his place in history and his accomplishments. If your for him or not, he really is a special case and I think it’s important to create something that lets people remember this moment in history.

So thank you for reading and thank you for sending emails and thank you for supporting me. I promise you as soon as I am back in the states I will turn it back on again full throttle and keep pouring out every good tidbit of design that I can find to keep your gears turning. For all my bloggers on the site here, if you can keep it rolling for me over the next couple of weeks. Thank you to my fellow bloggers on the site as well. I really appreciate your effort sincerely.

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There is new work posted to both my print and illustration sections. Some of which is actual client work the other is experimentation. I try to keep creating things that are different and challenge my skillsets and keep me fresh. That is an ongoing challenge in this field especially when things get stagnant and unchallenging at the day job. It is a struggle to stay relevant in this field. It takes work everyday. I remain committed to the cause.

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Well, this one goes out to all the readers in the United States. I am currently in San Antonio, Texas visiting some old college friends of my wife and I. They recently had a baby who is absolutely adorable and has boundless energy. I don’t think I have ever been around a baby so little who has such a lust for life. She barely sleeps and is constantly smiling and ready to go. She is already making all kinds of sounds and even standing by pulling herself up on the sofa. All of that is happening while she is only 7 months old. I think she is going to be some kind of a child genius. It doesn’t surprise me though since my friend is working on his P.H.D. at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

It’s always good to get away and see old friends. I rarely get personal on this blog and sometimes I think I should more often because that is what people like. I have been really stressed out lately trying to figure out how to earn more income for my wife and I since she is really ready to have a child. I want to be able to provide for her and my baby when the time comes and it has just been hard to earn enough in this field to do so. The United States has become a lot tougher place in the last 10 years for younger couples and the future doesn’t always look so bright either. It’s a hard time right now I think for everyone. I would love it if I did well enough that my wife could stay home for a year and take care of our baby but I just don’t and that weighs heavy on me. It’s hard not to get down and be a little angry sometimes and when that happens I sometimes bite the hand that feeds me and then make it even worse for myself.

So, I am trying a lot of new things in the future to try to get the ball rolling more for myself. Hopefully some of those things will pan out. It’s been a crazy year so far with this blog and in my own personal work. I never thought it would attract the attention that it has but I am just getting started. I really want to start doing interviews this year with other people in the creative industry and starting to add some new content to the site that will make it a lot more resourceful and meaningful for people.

Happy 4th everyone and if you have the chance to, take some time for yourself or to spend with your family. I’ll try to keep posting a few things here and there while I am on the road and I will be back in the saddle again fulltime come Monday.

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I just put yet another new poster in the print section. More more more.

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I wasn’t going to do a separate post about this but it is already drawing some interest so I decided I might as well. I created a couple new posters in the print section this week along with the large scale Obama Commemorative Poster last week. This most recent poster was meant to be both meditative and introspective but also about design and typography. I am a big fan of Helvetica and I thought why not combine that with my love for metaphysics? It was kind of a strange idea and hard to explain but fortunately an interesting poster that hopefully has a little more going on than what appears on the surface came out of the exercise. It’s a simple poster in terms of the design but hopefully the complexity comes through when it is given a little extra thought. Anyway, it’s now in the print section and may or may not be printed in the future depending on how much demand it generates.

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