My Boulder based friends at Cypher 13 have relaunched their blog Joyengine. There are several options for viewing the content and they have opted for a clean and crisp design this go round along with a new logo treatment. They also have some new work in their portfolio worth looking into. Their packaging for Olade beverages and design for the Biennial of the Americas collateral are particularly sharp. The site is looking sharp boys. Congratulations.

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My friends at the local (local for me anyway) Boulder, CO design studio Cypher 13 have been really busy this year and continue to push their name into all the right places. They have recently released a couple of new typefaces at Hype For Type that are now available for purchase and download. One of the fonts is a geometric compressed sans-serif while the other is a play on type rendered by liquid crystal displays.

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My friends at Cypher 13 got in touch to inform me that they have recently released a new font called C13 LCD through YWFT.

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My friends and Boulder/Denver locals Cypher 13 (alter ego Joyengine) have been really busy this year and just keep getting better at what they are busy at. You can see the results of some of their more recent efforts in their recently relaunched website. Great work guys.

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My buddies at Cypher 13 (the guys behind Joyengine) have launched a new version of their website that is looking really great. They never cease to amaze me. Their new site looks great and functions perfectly for a portfolio site. There is also some really good work to browse through as well.

They work so damned hard and just refust to stay static. They are always pushing to get better at what they do and I have been sincerely inpired by how much progress they have made over the last couple years that I have known them. I don’t make it up to Boulder to see them hardly ever and I need to make an effort because I miss them. They are great guys and just continue to keep pushing themselves. That pushing is starting to translate into some well-deserved success for them. Props fellas.

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Cypher 13 (the guys behind Joyengine) have moved the remaining toys from their Soft and Furry exhibition into their storefront where you can now place your order. There are some pretty cool custom toys in there by some notable artists and designers.

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The boys at Joyengine also work under the name Cypher 13, where they work across mediums from digital to analog. They just relaunched their website in a big way where you can now see a lot more of their most recent work. They are based out of Boulder, Colorado where they also run the Joyengine storefront. They are a great group of guys and really work hard at what they do whether it be designing a logo or painting a painting. Sometimes it is as much about facilitating creative and encouraging it in others as doing it yourself.

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