Brooklyn based graphic designer/illustrator Damien Correll has had his work posted on this blog before but I don’t know if his Flickr-folio has ever been posted. It needs to be because it is updated much more frequently than his website and features some colorful, accessible and beautiful design and print work. I am a big fan of the above poster for a Nike’s All for One exhibition using a great color palette.

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NYC-based Graphic designer and illustrator Damien Correll is someone I always keep tabs on and he has just a very few new bits and pieces in his portfolio. It appears he has been seeking an intern lately (or perhaps last summer), so it sounds as though he and his partner Garrett have been busy. If you have yet to browse through his portfolio, consider this your chance. It’s always worth looking through.

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Illustrator/designer Damien Correll has updated once again with some really nice hand-treated design work. A lot of the images are pretty small but there is some really nice work on display regardless.

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Damien Correll has updated his bizarre but interesting body of work with more bizarre interestingness.

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