Berlin based photographer Robert G Bartholot has a vivid unique style that is attracting big names in the Fashion industry.

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The Only the Brave online exhibition curated by Hellohikimori is finally complete. It’s a veritable trendy design who’s who list with contributions from Jeremyville, eBoy, Suprb, MWM, and Si Scott, LaundryMat, Combustion, Peter Jaworowski, HKI, Michael Paul Young, Tom Muller, Serial Cut, Renascent, Nico Stumpo, Eric Carl and several more.

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I woke up to this in my email box this morning:

HelloHikimori™ develops a unique world for Diesel’s new fragrance: Only the Brave
The French creative studio (HKI)™ created a site that not only has all the process of doing Diesel’s latest product, but also has the creative input from different artists like Tofa, Nico Stumpo and Renascent, expressing their visions of force and courage, based on the concepts that “Only the Brave” was born. The site will also gain continuous inputs from artists all over the world, including Peter Jaworowski, Serial Cut, Tom Muller, LaundryMat , Michael Paul Young, Mr.doob, Jemma Hosteler,Suprb, eBoy, MWM ,Lapp Pro, NandoCosta, Combustion, Si Scott, Alex Trochut, Eric Carl.
Following the launching in Berlin, there will be a party on May 15th, in Paris.”

Wow, that is a lot of name-dropping going on there.

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Diesel is on a roll lately. Here is their latest viral attempt. Crazy. Crazy awesome and hilarious that is.

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The Diesel wall project is once again open for submissions. Diesel Wall is an international art contest pushing what Diesel likes to call ‘art democracy’ that aims to bring intriguing, inspiring, insightful, inciting and contemporary ideas to giant urban canvases in city centers around the globe. Diesel encourages submitters to ‘say something that means something’. The jury members for this year include Bigas Luna, Peter Saville, Terry Jones, and Wilbert Das, Diesel’s Creative Director. From May to July ‘08, depending on each city’s Diesel Wall timeline, winners will be announced both through the web site and local events to then proceed with the setting-up of the winning installations on each Wall. Artworks – conceived for a specific Wall or for all four Walls – can use painting, photography, video, performance, light, sound, text, experimental concepts including 3D, performance and show elements are also welcome.

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