The latest issue of Digital Temple Magazine is on the virtual newsstand and is titled, ‘Suspension’. The issue features the work of Jasper Goodall on the front cover but there is also some great photography featured inside as well. Overall, DT has done pretty well so far covering some interesting trends and personalities in the design world, so I would recommend a flip/click through.

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There is some pretty inspiring work ranging the entire gamut from studio, illustration, photography, art and design in the latest issue of Digital Temple Magazine: We Are On.

I was really surprised at just how much was in there. There are lots of triangles in there too. I guess those aren’t going away in 2009. Like them or not, there is still some really great stuff in this latest issue.

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A new version of Digital Temple Magazine is now online for your viewing pleasure. There are some great artists, designers, photographers and typographers in this issue.

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I have to admit, I never know what to expect with online art and design magazines but I was really surprised by the quality of the work and the curating by the editors of Digital Temple Magazine. It’s a great flip through and there is some really spectacular work for both design and photography there that is ready to inspire. It was nice to see some artistic nudity and some racier work as well that isn’t afraid to go out on the edge. It is liberating to see artists being unafraid to express themselves and not being censored as a result.

You can check their back issue here as well.

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