There are some straight up crazy psychedelic collages happening in the Flickrfolio of Boogieman Media. I mean lightening, aliens and just outright craziness.

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James White has a kind of super new age tech pop thing happening in his work that he fully embraces, aggressively markets and is damn good at making it a lot of fun to look at. In a way he has commanded that style from the onset much as Scott Hansen of ISO50 cornered his own little retro new-age niche. He just recently arranged some of that glowing candy imagery into a site that grabs you right from the first page of thumbnails.

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Vienna based digital illustrator Michael Ostermann has kept busy and has been updating both his website and Flickrfolio with new and curious digitally composited photo-manipulation illustrations that vary in technique and emotional range.

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Pablo Alfieri updates his Behance-folio with a final overview of typographical works generated for various purposes on 2010. It’s definitely a reason to keep a close eye on him in 2011 to see exactly what might be coming next.

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It’s always worth popping in on Desktopography from time-to-time for inspiration’s sake and there have been some nice new additions lately. There are some new images up since I last dropped in and I was happy to load up on some new options for the ole desktop. Aside from being a cool place to grab some images to decorate your machine, it’s also a nice outlet for designers and illustrators to experiment with new techniques in Photoshop and create some imagery they might not otherwise have a reason to.

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German-Polish designer Sebastian Onufszak has updated with a new site and several new visceral, digital, slick, cool, glowing and kinetic collage illustrations.

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Alex Fischer composes his figures and landscapes by assembling a variety of visual and conceptual sources. Keeping in mind that ideas of the future are inevitably the fastest to change, Fischer maintains that human nature is a fallible and susceptible state.”

Fischer’s collages (if that is how they can actually be described) are strangely surreal and extremely painterly. They are sometimes eerie and kinetic as if they are capturing movement. His work does recall some influence from Francis Bacon but it’s as if Chagall and Bacon shared a nightmare that transformed into a surrealist dream.

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Illustrator Jules Julien has recently updated his illustration portfolio with a few new series of images including this rather humorous and fun series of smiling animals.

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Rob Shields emailed to let us know he has updated with some slick new imagery in his glossy, colorful and glowing body of composited digital illustrations.

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Paul Kamuf assembled this interesting experimental video about the life of a text for John Pugh who is also in the band Free Blood. It uses the screen in an unconventional way to further the message and incorporates video and motion to tell the story about what happens when you reach out and tell someone what your thinking with your cell.

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Designer/illustrator Pablo Alfieri recently updated his Flickr-folio with some really fun new work. He is keeping his color palette bright and wild and still experimenting heavily with typography.

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Philadelphia based digital illustrator Rob Shields has recently updated with several new images. He has been busy lately with projects in fashion, music, lifestyle and sports.

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I stumbled across the Flickrfolio of designer, illustrator and motionographer Gabriel Pulecio this morning and felt as though there was a better array of work there than what I had previously seen at his website. He is not afraid of bright color and likes to experiment and there are some great moments happening in his body of experimental work at his Flickrstream.

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The work of 25-year-old German illustrator Valentin Fischer will no doubt remind you of the work of James Jean and Sam Weber but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still very well executed. Regardless of the influence, I am still a big fan of this style and with the amount of talent required to achieve it Fischer definitely has some potential to make some beautiful work.

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Amsterdam-based digital agency Momkai has worked for some big-named clients. It is easy to see why just by the slick presentation of their work alone. They have some excellent examples of digital design in their portfolio and browsing it is a joy in and of itself.

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Illustrator Therese Larsson creates some beautiful illustrations using everything from pastels to Photoshop. The tactility of the imagery, regardless of the method of production is never lost and each piece manages to stand on it’s own.

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Illustrator Sam Gilbey has been steadily improving over the years and has managed to merge a digital approach with an analogue tactility. He is also a master at self promotion and makes sure he never manages to drop off the radar. Hence his new website complete with some new work. There is a lot to be said for being able to manage both the workflow and the self promotion and he does it with style.

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Portuguese (sorry I thought he was Brazilian but João corrected me) graphic designer João Oliveira sent an email today letting us know he has updated his portfolio with some new work. Some people don’t dig the more densely layered and colorful digital work, but I think he is one of the best at what he does and I have always been a big fan of his work.

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