Lysergid has updated with even more visually stunning digital illustration/design work. There are some really spectacular visuals up for inspiration sake.

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Pablo Alfieri emailed this morning to let me know he has updated his portfolio with some new work. I really like what he is doing and he seems like a really great guy.

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There is some really colorful digital illustration work in the updated portfolio of Archan Nair. Very sweet eye candy some of it to the point of saccharin but that doesn’t mean it isn’t every bit as sweet on the way down.

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Armen Mnatsakanjan is a Designer and Illustrator based in The Netherlands whom I mentioned on the site a few months back. I use his desktopography image still as my desktop now and then. He has done a small update with a few new pieces in his unusual portfolio that are worth checking out.

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There is some nice work in the newly launched portfolio of Artfatale.

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I saw that there was a new Depthcore pack out last week and for some reason spaced on posting it. The new series is called ‘Heist’ and you can see it here. I have always been a fan of Depthcore. Sometimes it can be a little hit and miss and some people aren’t always fans of the crazy digital illustration/design set but I love to see people experimenting off the hinges and pushing technology to produce visuals that are just exciting to look at. How could free-thinking creative be bad in any circumstance?

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“field is Marcus Wendt, Vera-Maria Glahn and a network of collaborators.We use custom software to create generative design & animations, interactive installations, and toys.”

Wow, really strange and unusual but I really dig it. I love work like this that kind of breaks new barriers and defies explanation. I didn’t even know what category to file it under.

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Really beautiful work across the board for motion from Theo Daley. Spectacular and beautiful imagery fill his portfolio with attention paid to the tiniest of details.

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Pablo Abad has updated with some ‘certified fresh’ new works.

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I wrote about Space Jump a few weeks back but they have hit the blogwaves again recently and it appears there might be a few new images in their book since I last wrote about them. Wildly digital work, which might not suite every palette but still compelling all the same.

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Airgroom has been relaunched with new work.

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Another big update from Sebastian Onufszak. Move over, this guy is a machine.

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There is some really fantastic design work in the portfolio of Moving Brands. Totally awesome if I may dare say. Be sure to click the ‘work’ link at the top and then get into it.

All about Moving Brands:
“Moving Brands is an independent brand and digital agency with offices in London, Tokyo, Zurich and San Francisco. At a time of rapid evolution across business, culture and technology, we help our clients to create, transform and refresh brands for a moving world.

Our approach provides brand and digital strategy, brand identity, and brand expression for an array of digital and print media. Clients work with us on global brand transformation programmes, individual digital and print projects and everything in between.

Through our work we create new ways for brands to connect with people, and people to connect with brands. Technologies and processes are very important here, but everything we do starts and ends with people.

At the heart of our work is a belief that brands should be as dynamic and relevant as the company, service or product they represent. Businesses grow every moment of every day — so should their identities and their communications”

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Rebeliarts was formed in 2005 to showcase the works of Wojciech Zalot, Lukasz Wrona and Krzysztof Labno. It has since turned into a small multi-discipline  design studio.

Now say those names 3 times really fast.

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I am a 19 year old graphical illustrator/designer living in Walnut, CA, in the United States. I am working part-time for Liferay at the moment, and am currently avaliable for some freelance work.”

Pretty impressive for someone still so wet behind the ears. Only 19 years old. Wow.

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Graphic artist Pete Harrison, based out of London, has updated his stock of digital illustrations with some interesting new additions.

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I am not necessarily a fan of everything in Christopher Haines portfolio but I can respect how much work it must take to create some of the images he produces. There is a lot of attention to detail and it must be very time consuming to create such detailed imagery. It’s very digital but some of it is very interesting.

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