“In the future, an Ex-Soldier is placed in virtual exercises to cure his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the simulations, he sees glimpses of a mysterious girl, presumably someone from his past. When a Stranger appears in his facility offering answers, the Soldier finds himself once again asked to kill, this time for her…”

This is a surprising short that is rich in plot and character development. It’s rare you see something of this length put online and it’s equally surprising to see such a strong cast supporting a project like this. It’s beautifully shot and well directed by Christian Swegal.

Starring Reshad Strik, Beau Bridges, Ernie Hudson, and Rachel Specter

Directed by Christian Swegal
Written by Benjamin Murphy
Produced by Ian Colhoun
Executive Produced by Adam Hendricks
Cinematography by Max Goldman
Production Design by Zach Matthews
Costume Design by Marta Villalobos
Sound Design by Jamie Hardt
Edited by Christian Swegal & Tom Muldoon
Music by Cyril Morin

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“Steve Berra (The Berrics) joins Mexican skaters Jesus Gonzalez, Eder Martinez, Mario Saenz, Angel Santiago and American Luis Tolentino for this Burn Ignite film, shot on location in Mexico City.

This film was created alongside two short-form documentaries, one featuring Jess Kimura and the all girl hardcore snowboarding film collective Peep Show, the other is a portrait that celebrates the electric lyrics and gritty beat artistry of rapper/poet Julius Wright, aka Lyrical God.”

And skate culture continues to inspire the production of good art.

Directed by Garth Davis
DOP: Greig Fraser
Camera: Canon 5D(!)
Music written produced & performed by Django Django

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Graphic Havoc or GHAVA for short has stayed busy and have lately worked on campaigns for both AOL and Mtv. They are a staple on the inspiration list for a lot of graphic designers but they have turned much more strongly toward direction as of late. I particularly enjoyed some of their recent retro Napoleon Dynamite-inspired T.V. spots.

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R/GA Art Director Josh Rhode got in touch to notify us that he had updated his personal portfolio at Kulthouse. There is some colorful work happening in his portfolio and it is all housed within a really slick website.

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“This video won the 2nd prize in the fiction category for the ‘Hazlo en Corto-metraje’ competition in Mexico this year. It’s about a hero who has to fall on hard times before discovering his true calling.”

By Juan E. Bedolla.

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I am a designer, director and artist from the Netherlands, living in Berlin.

After graduating college in 2002 I established a company in Amsterdam providing illustration, graphic design and animation for clients such as MTV Asia, Nickelodeon, Submarinechannel, Esquire, Volkskrant Magazine and Park Avenue. This year (2008) I relocated to the German capital. And although I have not stopped working for clients, my primary focus for the moment is on personal work.”

The above video was created as the opener for the 2010 Pictoplasma Festival. You can see more of Fons Schiedon’s videos at his Vimeo page as well.

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“‘CITY OF LAKES’ is as much a documentary about what it means to return to the birthplace of one’s ancestors, as it is an exploration of the Hindu faith, and the rituals of a Hindu marriage. Central to this is the Ganesh puja, which in simple terms, is a prayer over a fire believed to invoke the spirit of Ganesh, a great deity and protector, who can remove all obstacles from one’s path. The puja is performed several times in the film and carries great significance to the plot and characters in both literal and metaphoric ways.”

There is a lot more to this and a much more in depth explanation at the Vimeo Page for the City of Lakes short film but the short of it is that it is a beautifully accomplished effort and it’s great to see it in full length, and in high quality on the net. I suggest plugging this one into your HDTV if you have one.

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Brazilian Art Director Vinicius Costa has updated with a slick new website full of even slicker work. He is currently in the employ of 1st Avenue Machine and specializes in visual effects.

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Dutch director/artist duo Lernert & Sander have updated their joint portfolio with some new ‘hands-on’ project work for video. Apparently they love their work and it shows through their efforts. We love it too.

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Here is the official music video for the single “Stars” by Warpaint, taken from the ‘Exquisite Corpse EP’ (released on Manimal Vinyl).  The video was filmed in the ashes of the Angeles National Forest.

Shot by Adam Harding, edited and directed by Burke Roberts and Adam Harding

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French director and graphic designer Vincent Viriot sent word that he recently updated his website with new and fresh work.

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We Have Decided Not To Die is a short film by writer/director/producer Daniel Askill. You can read an interview with Askill conducted by Sarah Runcie, the AFC Film Development Administration Officer at the We Have Decided Not To Die website. I will leave you with a pull quote explanation of the film below:

We Have Decided Not To Die is an unusual short film. A modern day allegorical triptych, three figures under go transformation through three rituals. Though not a story in any conventional sense, We Have Decided Not To Die succeeds in taking audience on an emotional journey. Aurally intriguing, often stunning and always beautiful, Danielís short film has been winning fans from around the festival circuit.

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Here is an interesting looking music video directed by Tim Nackashi for OK Go’s first single from their forthcoming ‘Of The Colour Of The Blue Sky.’

Here is a little background on the project from Nackashi’s website:
“The original idea was to create a video in which every frame remains on the screen, building and building. Needless to say, the band ran with the idea. The video was shot in one take — primarily using sticks and tape.”

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“A short skateboard video from Salazar Productions featuring, Bradley Sheppard, Alien, Nate Lacoste, Chris Connolly, Nate Roline, Stacy Gabriel, Desmond Hoostie, Mike Klinkhamer and Rob Rickaby.”

Directed By Liam Mitchell
Shot By Nathan Drillot and Liam Mitchell

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Argentinian designer, director and what-have-you Ganz Toll has a widely varied body of work, some of which is really unusual and interesting.

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This is a short by Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug (weloveourwork.com). This is part of a series of short videos that are from a 2 hour documentary about revenge created for VPRO television.

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Do yourself a favor and watch some more of the videos directed by the sublimely talented By Grandchildren. You can start by watching the one above for Grizzly Bear’s ‘While You Wait for the Others’.

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Awesome. Don’t wait for a client people. Just get out there and get after it. Build your own body of work. Props to Justin Harder.

Written and Directed by Justin Harder
Executive Producer: Pierre Nobile
Director of Photography: Florian Stadler
Sound Design: Keith Ruggiero
Music: Classixx
Talent: Kelly Thiebaud, Keith Ruggerio (Top hat), Pierre Nobile (Driver)
Line Producers: Pierre Nobile, Mike Silva
Gaffer: Mike Silva
Wardrobe: Maud Cruvelier De Warren
Make Up artists: Kathleen James, Tanya Arce
Duel Choreography: Alex Kudo
Set Photography: Ariel Vardi, Tsugu Wada
Production Assistant: Rasi Delgado
3D Egg: Tim Salikov
Owl: James Rydesky
Design/Animation/Compositing/Color: Justin Harder
Editor: Justin Harder

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