Australian artist/illustrator Nina Maskiell has created some intricate organic vegitation-inspired black and white renderings that would not be easy to produce. So far there are only a few images in her portfolio but it’s probably not a stretch to say that she is just getting started.

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I have been a fan of illustrator James Jirat Patradoon for several years now. He has recently updated with both a new website and several new illustrations for various clients. He’s kept his edge and is still churning out some great stuff.

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I rediscovered the work of Frank Magnotta today. There really is nothing like his graphite drawings. They are just strange, yet familiar and genuinely imaginative. The dimensional quality of his drawing is seriously impressive and it’s difficult to devise how exactly he goes about generating his unique images.

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Illustrator Ricardo Fumanal updates with some beautifully rendered new illustration work primarily for fashion based clients. His work is smooth as butter and stunning to behold which makes the application for fashion a perfect match.

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Super Secret Pow Wow is the drawing and illustration work of Britt Sanders who is ‘really good at drawing your girlfriend’. I think that last comment implies that Brit isn’t afraid of adding a little extra sex appeal to her work but he does it with some real style. I used to want to nut punch people in advertising who when wanting to have an impromptu meeting would decree ‘alright let’s pow wow’ now I want to nut punch people who say ‘well at the end of the day’ but I digress. I actually really like the tongue in cheek happening in the name ‘Super Secret Pow Wow’.

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Not entirely sure where this originated but I plucked it from the Tumblrverse here. I just thought it was a fine little bit of animated gif goodness and decided it must be shared here.

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Illustrator and artist Yana Moskaluk has updated with some exceptional new imagery. I’ve posted Moskaluk’s work before but was pleased to see some new things happening but if I could be so bold, I still wish the images were just a bit larger.

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Bayo’s work depicts cheerless and melancholic worlds, where the main character is the psyque, as an epicenter of implosion and confrontation among the diverse layers of the subconscious level. Sometimes euphoric, sometimes epic, sometimes psychotic, his draw denotes such a trajectory where we are constantly infected with the deepest anxiety. His characters tend to avoid frontal sight, just like whoever notices contact as a mere exposition of his/her own fragility. Just as much as the arbitrariness of his forms allow us to see that he pays no devotion to the statutes of reason. His pieces travel throughout the harshness of obsessive details, the vagueness of repetition, and the sudden outbreak of movement. All of this in order to express the architecture of his emotions, with such a complexity that can’t be put as subtle.”  -Evan Rodd

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Shan Jiang is the illustration powerhouse nestled within the fantastic team of people at I love Dust. He’s got one hell of a body of work including a poster for the Alamo Drafthouse series of Star Wars posters.

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Self-taught artist and illustrator Ben Heine has posted a wonderful gallery on Flickr that he is calling ‘Drawing Vs Reality‘ where he pits his handskills in a trompe l’oeil affair with simple photography. It’s a smart yet simple idea that Heine has pulled off with an enormous display of imagination and it’s generating a strong buzz.

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Talented illustrator Matthew Woodson AKA Ghostco has kept busy and manage to last for several years now as an illustrator. It appears he has recently updated his already inspiring portfolio with several new images for a multitude of publishing and direct-to-brand clients.

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Who Stole My Bike is the illustration work of a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based artist who also runs a small apparel company called The Quarrelsome Yeti. He’s got some tasty doodles and full on excellent detailed illustrations in his Flickrfolio.

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Luke Jinks’s illustrations draw influence from folklore, tales from the past, and traditional western tattoo culture. Luke is also tattoo apprentice at Infinite Ink tattoo studio near Birmingham.

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Bodagh is the art/illustration work of Daniel Reyes who has a very small but interesting body of strangely psychedelic imagery.

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Anne Owens is crafting some delicately strange illustrations in subtle natural colors the induce childlike subconscious memories.

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Brazilian designer João Lavieri is talented and no doubt adept at design and illustration as can be witnessed via his personal website but his real raw talent shines through in his Flickrfolio where you can see some outstanding experimental and often macabre illustrations.

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Artist William Crump is a multi-faceted talent capable of collaging strange found object imagery as well as drawing some excellent graphite imagery all of which vibrates with a strange, soft yet psychedelic undertone.

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Brazilian illustrator Matheus Lopes A.K.A. Mathiole has updated with some excellent new imagery in his Flickerfolio including tigers and butterflies. I dare you not to like that.

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